Understanding And Transcending Past Pain And Sorrow Through Magick

Letting go of past pain and discomfort from the past is one thing.

Understanding it and moving beyond it so that you have learned from it is another thing entirely.

This is what separates those who learn a deep life lesson from those who let time heal their wounds, only to find that those same wounds open up later causing them great pain and frustrating.

Time doesn’t heal wounds like that. We think it does, until we confront those painful lessons later and realize it is not resolved whatsoever.

Can you imagine if you did that with something like your car?

You pretend that the problem is fixed, and drive it around ignoring the fact it doesn’t quite run correctly.

Then suddenly – randomly – one day it doesn’t run at all.

That’s not what anyone wants to deal with – and if you allow those old significant issues to linger around – it’s going to run you over emotionally once you remember you didn’t want to deal with it when it was supposed to be dealt with.

These are not issues that you delay for later hoping that they just go away.

That’s not how deep problems like this work – and you know that this is the case.

Never has an ignored issue just gone away – it morphs and becomes something totally more grotesque later on.

It’s not quite what you think after you try to forget about it. And you never completely forget about it – do you?

A couple spirits can help you understand and transcend old issues…

Daniel – Causes you to reflect on past issues in a way that you understand them and completely move on from them; allows you to let go of them completely in a way that is healthy and you get to move on forever.

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Mivahiah (fallen angel) – Enables you to reflect on the past in a way that you understand and move on from past issues completely; you understand what happened and transcend from those emotions in a way that allows you to completely move on.

These are not small issues, but they are problems that can be resolved in a way that you completely understand them.

It’s not a big deal, if you don’t make them that way.

No problem is ever that bad once you reflect on it, understand it fully, and move on from it.

How can you tell if you’ve moved on from a problem?

You don’t talk about it.

That’s how you know some people just aren’t over their past issues.

This isn’t a big deal, because we’re removing the emotional charge from it.

Talk about it less, and it becomes less of a problem. But some people don’t get that.

Sometimes it’s a huge problem because they talk about it around others who don’t want to deal with it or hear about those issues any more.

You know it’s not a problem for them because they don’t care about those issues anymore – but others might try to make it an issue – and that’s when things can get hairy.

It’s not a good situation when that happens – and that’s when more misunderstandings can happen – which no one wants.

Two more spirits can help resolve these problems and situations completely, once and for all…

Amon – Causes the target to remove all problematic thoughts and emotions regarding a certain topic in a way that they no longer think and feel any negative emotions toward it; they release from those topics completely.

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Poiel (fallen angel) – Enables the target to release all problematic thoughts and emotions regarding a topic such that they don’t think or feel negatively toward it; allows them to move on from that issue completely forever.

These spirits can get others to stop dwelling on the past in a way that is completely freeing – allowing them to move on from stuff they never should have held onto.

This is something that everyone should do for their past issues.

We might not think of it in terms of understanding the past – because we likely don’t want to think about the issues – but we have to consider them in a way that we fully comprehend what went on, then we can move on.

Without understanding there will always be a question of what really went on.

You’ll always feel it, and it won’t really go away until the tension is resolved – and you just understand what really happened for that situation.

Once that misunderstanding is gone – you’ll know that everything is fine, because you’ll stop thinking about it.

It’s not about trying to dig up the past to purposefully feel terrible emotions again – it’s about confronting those old issues in a way that is completely liberating.

The spirits can help with this, but you have to make the decision that you want to finally be over these nasty emotions that keep popping up.

It’s an easy decision, really. But one you have to make yourself – no one else can make that decision for you.


by Donald B. Johnson