10 Fun Ways To Live An Enchanted Life Today!

I am often asked how I can live the way I do. Who pays me to be a real-life Merlin? It’s not as if you can open the paper and read a want Ad for such a position. I live an enchanted life because I created it that way. Using the principles taught to me by the fey and my own stubborn refusal do anything else. You can too…

“Enchantment doesn’t exist in wands and candles, it lives in your heart. Open your heart to the universe and magick will follow you wherever you go.”

So without further delay here’s how you can put a little enchantment into your day.

1. Give a surprise gift to someone you don’t know

Go on, be the source of abundance to someone completely and totally unrelated to you. Why unrelated? Because then you truly won’t expect anything in return and will give freely. It needn’t be expensive, a magazine, second hand book, an unopened can of beans will do. Wrap it in nice paper, put a bow on it and leave it in a public place for someone, anyone to collect. Walk away with a smile on your face all day.

2. Tell someone who’s imposing on you to sort it out for themselves

I love this one! This is a magnificent gift to yourself that truly keeps on giving. Your self-confidence and self-trust skyrockets, the other person gets the opportunity to be more resourceful and you’ve freed up at least a couple of minutes to spend however you wish. It’s not hard just say “I have other priorities right now. I’m sorry but I can’t help you with that.”

3. Tell God/Goddess/Guardian Angel/Guide off

Had a bad day? Then why not have an almighty rant about it and be done with it. Get an egg timer and give yourself exactly 2 minutes to just rant on about how upset you are about it. I always find a “Dear God, I’m p*****d” letter to be of extremely good value. But hey you can write to anyone you like. When you’re done delete that computer file, cut up the paper with a pair of scissors or otherwise destroy it and get on with being happy again.

4. Outsource your worrying

Worrying is time consuming, drains your energy and pulls you down. So why do it? Worrying about things doesn’t solve them it just makes you upset. The fey want you to know that they have a Magickal Worrying & Worse For Wear Department waiting, ready and able to take on your worries for you. They’ll personally collect them from you, take them to a quiet place and put their own little heads to worrying about and solving your problems. You can get on with enjoying your day.

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5. Keep a pocketful of happiness

Keep a pocket book of things that make you smile. They could be pictures of things you like, jokes, letters from someone special or even just nice things you write to yourself. It doesn’t matter it is as long it makes you smile. Carry this item with you everywhere you go and whenever you feel out of sorts get out your pocketful of happiness and top up again.

6. Remember the gate

All things come to us when we truly desire them. But when they don’t come according to our schedule we tend to get upset and imagine they are not coming at all. The only true determinant of timing is how soon you can become aligned with what you are intending to create.

When the gate to what you want appears closed you just have to wait…because it always opens.

7. Escape the crazy maze, one inch at a time

On average we spend around 80% of our time attending to needful things, must-do’s and other onerous tasks. All the while we wish we could be living a different life or getting on with being a Merlin. I hear you, I’ve been there. The way out of the crazy maze we call “normal life”is to take one step everyday towards the new life you intend for yourself. It doesn’t have to be a huge leap, or even a dash for the finish line. If our lives only currently permit an inch in the right direction today then that’s the step we take today! An inch out of the crazy maze today allows us to make a mile tomorrow.

8. Refuse to grow up

Did you know that when most people tell you to “grow up” what they are really saying is “I can’t handle your reality, come down and live in mine.” No thanks! Life doesn’t have to be and isn’t intended to be the incredibly intense and serious drama we turn it into. Yes be responsible for your life and your commitments but don’t lose your childlike ability to dream about and create enchantment.

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Whatever enchantment you feel in your heart is there because the universe intends for you to live it. And if something as big and powerful as the universe wants to give it to you, who are you to deny it?

9. Don’t wrestle with dilemmas, they’re bigger than you

Your mind is an energy magnet. The more excited it gets the more energy it attracts, but what kind of energy is it attracting? Thoughts that make you feel anxious, uneasy and helpless attract big hairy monsters known as dilemmas. They’re bullies and they’ll beat you down every time. Thoughts that make you laugh, feel ecstatic and blush attract lovely muses that sing you to sleep at night and also just happen to carry dilemma repellant. When you’ve got a problem to solve watch your energy, is your mind attracting the muses or the dilemma’s? If it’s the latter you’d better call in the Magickal Worry & Worse For Wear Department so they can fed-ex you the perfect solution asap.

10. Get addicted to happiness

It’s sadly true that most of us for a great portion of our lives are addicted to negativity. For some reason we just don’t feel right unless there’s a major drama going on. Sure we can take happiness in small doses but too much and we start worrying about when it’s all going to end. And then sure enough something “bad” happens. But help is available, you can become addicted to happiness and all it takes is a willingness to experience a little more happiness every single day. Before long you’ll be able to tolerate happiness on a regular basis.

Start a happiness tolerance calendar to see how many days you can be happy without worrying about when it’s going to end. Then you can begin increasing your ability to receive more happiness.


by Claire Hunt