Oil Mix For the Harley Davidson Golf Cart

The Harley Davidson golf cart is a great, old buggy and those who have one consider themselves lucky. This particular vehicle has not been in production for several decades now, and this often means those buying one will not have the owner’s manual that goes with the vehicle. One of the most common mistakes made by new owners is improperly mixing the fuel and oil. Without the owner’s manual handy, this mistake is easy to understand. This article goes into how to properly mix the oil and fuel in a vintage Harley Davidson golf cart.

Before we go into the proper method for mixing the oil and fuel in a vintage Harley Davidson golf cart, let’s be clear about one thing. Improper mixing can lead to severe damage in the engine. Once this damage occurs it has to be repaired if you want to operate the vehicle. These repairs can be time consuming and expensive. While you can certainly find Harley Davidson golf cart repair parts online, it is not always easy finding them. When you do find them, the price may be high simply due to the scarcity of these old parts. The best way to avoid having to make these repairs is to protect the engine by using the right fuel and oil mix.

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Now onto the proper way to mix the oil for your Harley Davidson golf car:

More often than not problems arise in this area because there is not enough two-cycle oil in the mix. When there is not enough oil in the mixture, the first thing that happens is that the piston begins to heat up, followed by increased heating of the other engine parts that are around the combustion chamber. This entire area is then prone to overheating which can lead to major damage to the engine if the motor is left to run for any length of time. In severe instances, the motor will lock up and will have to be rebuilt in order to bring it back to service.

In order to get the right mix in your Harley Davidson golf cart, you want to use 1.5 ounces of high grad 2-cycle oil for each gallon of gas. Note: Virtually all other 2-cycle gas engines use less than this which is why so many people are fooled into making this dreadful mistake.

If your Harley Davidson golf car has a recently rebuild engine, you want to use 3 ounces of good quality 2-cycle oil for each gallon of gas in the first tank of gas. Once this first tank is used up, decrease the oil to 1.5 ounces per gallon of gas. Keep in mind that this first tank (the one using 3 ounces of oil) may foul the plug. Be prepared to change out the plug before going to the second tank of gas. It is a lot less expensive to buy a new plug than it is to rebuild the engine.

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Once you apply this mix to your Harley Davidson golf cart, you will be able to enjoy your vehicle without fear of burning the motor up. Take care of your vintage vehicle and don’t forget to pass it on to someone who will care for it as you do.

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by Keith C. Miller