Using Angelic Magick To Enhance Your Money Life

One of the more common forms of spell work using the spirits tends to resolve around angels.

As the most popular form of spirit in the world they are often used to shift life and change around really negative situations to be a lot better – and it should not be a surprise that we are going to be using one in particular to guide our money lives into a better direction.

These aren’t always huge shifts that we need in order to get where we want to go, but several smaller changes to our lives over time can mean a huge difference.

Ask anyone who has gone through intense life changes how much different everything is after just a handful of small but drastic changes – we all know this is accurate because we have likely gone through the same ourselves at once point.

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The worst that can happen is that your life gets a lot better.

The best is that you suddenly have stronger finances – and that can be a life changing thing when you consider how stressful money issues can be.

We shouldn’t delude ourselves into thinking that the spirits – namely angels, cannot help us – and one curious angel can guide your money situation into a far more ideal place…

Mahasiah – Develops your sense of money wisdom and intelligence so that you make far fewer money mistakes in general; guides you to create a far stronger and more stable financial life in general so that everything is made better long term.

There really isn’t any question that the angels can guide us into better life – and here we are simply making the process far easier.

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Though angels are the most common spirit, it is surprising that so few people seek out their help to enhances their situations and lives in general.

It isn’t really known how the spirits work on our lives to change things around, but the bottom line here is that we need to expand our vision and allow them to help us out in the ways that can create significant change for us.

We are not trying to shift and push reality in directions and ways that are discomforting or inconvenient to us – but it is crucial that we seek our their guidance and aid so that our lives are made that much better, and our money worlds will be much stronger because of it.


by Donald B. Johnson