Mastery Of Divine Wisdom

“I wisdom dwell with prudence, and find out knowledge of witty inventions” Proverbs 8 vs. 12.

According to Solomon David; king of Israel in Biblical times “Getting wisdom is the most important thin you can do, whatever else you get, get insight” Proverb 4 vs. 7. Another translation says; “Wisdom is the principal thing therefore, get wisdom and with all your getting (strength) get understanding.

What is wisdom?

The knowledge of God in operation in the life of mortal men is wisdom. The understanding of the operation of revelation sense is wisdom. Wisdom is having knowledge of what to do at every point in time. Wisdom is working and walking under the shadow of the most high God. Wisdom is abiding by the instructions of God on all issues that relate to your life. Wisdom is overcoming obstacles as if they never existed.

The ability to turn challenges into stepping stones to attain higher heights is wisdom. It is being able access the mind of God before taking any major step in life. Wisdom is flowing with the rhythm of the heartbeat of God. Wisdom is such level of higher knowledge and understanding that is too high for many to easily and fully comprehend. It is a higher form of mental capacity that many cannot give themselves to what it demands to attain it (Psalm 139 vs. 6). It is not about intellectual capability; otherwise all scholars would have it. It is all about revelation (a higher form of inspiration). Wisdom is divine; it is a gift from God.

The Wisdom of Solomon has nothing to do with the age of Methuselah. It is not how old you are, but how wise you are. Divine wisdom is not a function of age, but a revelation from God handed down to a willing mind. Please note that the world is a fast developing, advancing and dynamic place that wealth and prosperity are not to be found in just knowing he principles of wisdom, but in clear, strong and definite application of these principles of divine wisdom.


The greatest men that ever lived are the wisest men of their time. Jesus Christ was described as the epitome of the wisdom and the power of God by Apostle Paul in 1Corinthians 1 vs. 24. No wonder at the very young age of twelve he was found in the midst of Doctors of Philosophy hearing them and asking them questions and all that heard him were astonished at his answers and understanding Luke 2 vs 42 47.

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Anthony Robbins is another man who became great through the use of divine wisdom. Before he contacted divine wisdom he was a poor young man living in a worn out apartment.

However, after his encounter with divine wisdom, he became a millionaire at the age of twenty four, he founded nine companies and he is the best selling author of Unlimited Power, a book now published in thirteen languages around the world. He is full of such wisdom that today he is considered America’s leader in human development training as he is committed to assisting people achieve personal and professional mastery. He has devoted more than half his life to helping people discover and develop their own unique qualities of greatness.

Abundance: King Solomon the author of the book of Proverbs was the richest man of his time because he was ‘baptized’ with the wisdom of God. Money making is the result of wise trading which can only be attained by the application of wisdom. Abundance and wealth are products of divine wisdom. It is not everybody that knows how to multiply the good things in their hands. Wisdom is the mother of multiplication of wealth. If you give ten fresh Nigerians graduates one million naira each today to start life for a two year period, the wise ones amongst them would have multiplied theirs or at least have something tangible to show for it, but the foolish ones among them will be in debt before the end of the first year, in the same country under the same economic conditions. So, it is not your location that is affecting you negatively, it is your level of understanding which is function of wisdom. That is why I keep telling undergraduates to discover themselves and know what they want out of life before they leave school.

Intellectualism: The simple reason why big people do silly things these days is just because they lack adequate knowledge and understanding. The ultimate expression of knowledge is wisdom. At the age of twenty four when many are still learning in school, Anthony Robbins had become a millionaire. At the age of twelve when many children are still under the tutelage of their parents; Jesus demonstrated such level of wisdom and understanding that baffled Doctors of Law, Rabbis and Philosophers. (Luke 2 vs 40, 46 & 47 & John 7 vs 14 – 16). Remember, Jesus said in John 14 vas 12 that if you believe in him, you will demonstrate greater wisdom than he did in his own time. The wisdom of God is very much available for your use today.

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· Strong Desire: To desire is to want something. To crave for it with intensity. Desire can be describe as something you long for with passion. A strong desire therefore is an essential requirement for accessing divine wisdom. It is only what you desire that you can acquire, no more, no less.

Open your mind only to the inspiration of God. There are three voices around you in the spiritual realm; your voice (intellectual wisdom), the devil’s voice (diabolical wisdom) ad the voice of God (divine wisdom). Have you ever imagine what God is thinking about you? He is thinking of how to awake the inner man in you, so that you will begin to use your talents to populate his kingdom on the earth.

· Meditation in Quietness: Wisdom comes mostly in quiet moments of thinking. If you want God to make you great, set aside at least twelve uninterrupted hours every week for deep thoughts on how to solve your problems and overcome your challenges or one whole weekend (Friday to Sunday) every month to plan and ponder how to advance your life to the highest level. Your level must change this year. However, many people cannot do this, hence they will be struggling and sweating with the same routine every year; meanwhile, they thought they are making progress! Three days of every month is not too much for the person that really wants to be distinguished in this life. We are so many in this world (approximately six billion human beings) that it takes a man of wisdom to be outstanding. It is not how far, but how well. If you are well done, your results will speak for you.

· Study: If you can study the book of Psalms and Proverbs twice in one month, you will contact divine ideas that will launch you out and you will be able to operate the wisdom of God on a higher level. I did not say read, I said study; line by line so that you can catch the revelations behind the verses. If you can ponder upon the truths in those books of the Bible, you will experience a systematic transformation that will put you in charge of the situations of life.

Remember, you are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139 vs 14) and the wisdom of God is your heritage. You must never fail!


by Moses Etop