King Solomon, Genius of Geniuses

Have you ever heard of child geniuses? These are children who have an extraordinary grasp of certain subjects; they have appeared through out history. There are many studies and theories about what produces a genius.

Genius is raw mental ability that clearly eclipses what one would consider average or above average. That’s the good news, the bad news is that raw genius is like certain other raw resources, it can be used for good or it could be used for evil. Fire is good when used to warm oneself on a freezing winters eve but in the hands of an arsonist, fire can be a nightmare.

I would venture to say that one of the reasons a child genius is born is to stir up our preconceived ideas. God puts us on notice that there is more to life than a mundane existence of facts and figures, life and death. God Himself can alter any part of the equation at any time or any place of His choosing.

King Solomon understood this before he was endowed with great genius. So after a prayer Solomon awoke with this great gift along with great wealth, peace and the prospect of a long life. Now Instead of concentrating on physics he chose to major in philosophy and behavioral science because Solomon found it challenging and useful to plumb the depths of the mind. Also, Solomon was determined to understand all people so that he could rule through his brilliance.

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The Scriptures describe him as being a genius of geniuses. You may question, if God indeed blessed him, but the bible even gives examples of the mysteries Solomon was able to solve with his new found genius.

As mentioned before, God is a being of order and purpose. The universe the atom even a single cell is evidence of this. He knows that people admire a great mind and if that same person has power and wealth the admiration increases exponentially.

The trouble with this is, if this super influential person does not respect God or His principles then a new order evolves to take precedent. But mind you, can any order in reality come close to God’s order? Remember, God’s order extends to all existence keeping chaos at bay.

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Solomon made the mistake of relying on his genius rather than God’s instruction. Solomon had a well known preoccupation with beautiful women and he added them daily to his harem. Some of these women consorted with demons. Solomon knew this and was warned by God concerning this but Solomon thought he could stave off any demon attack with his brilliance.

Not only did this demonic influence compromise Solomon’s genius it also caused Solomon to go insane for a time.

God made Solomon the most intelligent person to ever live so that in the ages to come the truly wise would not be misguided by “genius.”

The moral of this story is, no matter how brilliant one may be he or she is no match for the wisdom of God or the full-on mental attack of any supernatural being.


by Miles Pride