A Brief Introduction On Facebook Ad Targeting

We're going to go into targeting in-depth shortly, but it's fitting to explain it broadly here where we're discussing the advantages of Facebook. This social network is able to help advertisers bore down deeply into its user base and target ads toward very specific types of people. Since it is a social networking site first and foremost, it makes sense that Facebook would have this ability.

Unlike Google that only relies on keyword matching, Facebook can help advertisers reach people based on their age, geographical location, interests, hobbies, age and so on. Interest-based targeting can be especially useful for advertisers with distinct products or services that don't appeal to a general audience.

One of the biggest benefits of Facebook's targeting is its potential ability not only to gain results, but also to save money for advertisers. The targeting ability on Facebook is so precise that "wasted" clicks are not generally a concern. The reality is if an ad shows up on a user's progress through the site, Facebook has very good reason to believe that person would have an interest in the product or service being offered.

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While the targeting works well for Facebook advertisers, it also speaks to Facebook's desire to make the user experience better. It truly strives to only display ads to its users that those users are likely to enjoy seeing or learning more about. The long and the short of it is Facebook's targeting methods are exceptional for users and they're fantastic for advertisers who are serious about zeroing in on certain demographics.

Interest-based Ad Targeting

Interests are one of the best (and easiest) Facebook ads targeting options as they allow you to target people specifically interested in a subject related to your product. For example, you could target people interested in your competitors or your broader market segment, or magazines and blogs covering your market.

To target based on interests, you can either browse the menu with hundreds of interests or simply type in one interest, so that Facebook will suggest to you other related topics.

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The interests are based on Facebook users' likes and interests, apps they use, Pages they've liked, and more. Adding more than one interest will target people with at least one of them so you'll make your reach broader.

Behavior-based Ad Targeting

Unlike precise Interests, Behaviors allow you to target people by purchase history, events they like, personal anniversaries, etc. This data is gathered by Facebook analyzing many factors and also using external data sets.

They are not always useful, but when they are they work great! As an example, you can target people currently traveling or planning their next trip … priceless if you're in the hotel, travel, or event booking market. Check them out and you'll see that they should work for your business.


by James Savage