Systemic Racism In America: 5 Significant Areas

Those, who, either, proclaim, and/ or, articulate a message, stating there is no such thing, as systemic racism, in this nation, are either, burying – their – head, in the sand, in – denial, or may, be part of the problem! In nearly, every aspect of life, we witness some degree of this horrific behavior, and, have, for generations. However, perhaps, because of the rhetoric and vitriol, of President Donald Trump, some of these haters have felt enabled and entitled, and the ugly face of racism, has become, even more evident, and clearly, wide – spread! Never, before, in recent memory. have we been exposed to so many hate crimes, White Supremacist demonstrations, etc, but, perhaps, the systemic racism, may be more disturbing, because, until, very recently, there has been little attempt at a national conversation, about the need, to face – the – facts, and address the issue. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 significant areas, which need to be proactively, addressed, and changed, for the better.

1. Education: Many inequities, begin with the disparity in the quality of education, offered, between our wealthiest, and poorest communities. When, this becomes more comparable/ equivalent, we begin to be able to minimize some of the many, future, inequities. Statistics teach us, minority neighborhoods, mostly, receive the least quality education, and, experience the highest challenges, in terms of drop – outs, delinquencies, and supplies, equipment, etc. Unless/ until, a greater degree of national resources, and focus, is placed, on viable solutions, to address these inequities, we won’t make much head – way, in battling this challenge!

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2. Quality housing: For a variety of reasons, including, economic, job security, education, etc, most public housing, has minority residents! Unfortunately, many of these, experience security/ crime issues/ fears/ weaknesses, weak infrastructures (exterior, public interior, and the inside of the personal residences, etc), cleanliness and sanitation issues, etc. The present, horrific pandemic, should have taught us, minorities are often, hardest – hit, and the combination of inadequate education, and quality housing, are major components, in that regard.

3. Criminal justice/ policing: Few open – minded people, deny, minorities do not receive equal justice, rights, and/ or, freedoms. Many police departments have, traditionally, either, by – design, or not, treat, people – of – color, differently from others! Many examinations of how offenders, and/ or, potential ones, are treated, by our criminal justice system, deny, there is a systemic form of racism, when it comes, to equal enforcement of the law, and/ or, legal rights, and representation!

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4. Employment: The failures, in terms of how, we educate, ends up with significant ramifications, in terms of employment opportunities, etc. Statistics also indicate, many cases/ incidents, of major differences, in job types, salaries, and opportunities. In addition, in far, too many cases, individuals, today, are still discriminated – against, merely, based on race, or ethnicity.

5. Health care: Like the four areas, just mentioned, most members of minority groups, do not receive, the same quality, health care, counseling, and/ or, access to the finest hospitalities (with the best equipment, etc).

Put yourself in the place of minority members, who face their extra challenges, and often – overt, systemic racism, in nearly every area of life! Shouldn’t America, honor its commitment, to equal justice and rights, regardless of the color of one’s skin?

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by Richard Brody