World’s Largest Boxing Gloves Ready for Las Vegas


Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Big, is what Las Vegas is all about and boxing. After all Las Vegas is the Boxing

Capitol of the world and the city of “Jumbo shrimp”. So, why not a Boxing

monument and interactive museum dedicated to boxing and in of all places Las

Vegas. Artist / designer Paul-Felix Montez has created both in his new series of

monumental sculptural artworks “The Las Vegas monuments”. In this series his

boxing museum and sculpture “The Gloves”, of two boxing gloves, one cast

stainless steel, the other cast bronze, stacked vertically and standing 70 feet tall,

will bring a new pop, urbane aesthetic to the city. These would also be the world’s

most expensive boxing gloves ever, considering their size and that’s pure Vegas,


Vegas now lives for “Bling” and upscale style with high end condo’s, designer stores,

status shopping and five star dinning now regular fixtures on the “New Vegas

strip”. These 21st century art works, coupled with mini interactive museums,

that instantly show digital film clips of all past, present and future boxers, their

greatest bouts, personal backgrounds, and more, on large plasma screens all at the

touch of any viewer’s button. This sculptures along with the others in his series of

five Monuments take the history of Las Vegas, and turn it into new urban icons.

Drawing from it’s past and present each is a giant monument to a different facet in

the city’s life. One monumnet is made up of four “Dice Sticks”, criss-crossing each

other at 70 feet tall, another are two large classic performer’s, 1960’s, microphones

poised above a reflection pond. Part Las Vegas history, and definitely new art

works, each boldly takes Las Vegas into it’s future and new urbane lifestyle culture.

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Mr. Montez studied art and design at the High School of Art & Design and the

Cooper Union School of Art & Architecture. He has for over 30 years designed,

theater, film sets, and special sculptural props, for films such as: “Batman Forever,

Congo, Indian in the Cupboard ( a 35 foot long boy’s sneaker and a six foot high

baseball, both in 100 percent detail for this film), Showgirls (Volcanic sets), Men in

Black, Cable Guy, Armaggedon (An Angry Meteor), and many others”. He has also

designed for theme parks (Disney and Universal), theme retail stores (Warner Bros,

and Universal), and Casinos throughout Los Angeles, Las Vegas and the world.

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Visit his web site for the full picture: photos and architectural models available.


by Paul-felix Montez