Sony Playstation 3 Features NVIDIA Graphics Processor and IBM Cell Processor

The next generation of Sony PlayStation has been released with slimmer body and an evolution in game console industry. This PlayStation 3 120 GB system is loaded with a selection of new refinements and advancements along with the earlier PlayStation 3 model’s multimedia functions and features, which is designated to entice the development in the kingdom of Next-Generation entertainment.

As with earlier models, the Sony PS3 120GB features a co-developed NVIDIA graphics processor and an IBM “Cell” processor that allow the system together to perform two trillion calculations in a second. Sony was already able to improve the 45nm version of this processor at 120GB system, which although running at 60+nm speed at previous Sony PS3 versions, making the component less energy consuming, smaller size and quieter performer. Along with the conventional AV and composite connections, this latest unit also boasts a High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) port, which is able to deliver unconverted and uncompressed digital picture and sound to compatible projectors and high-definition TVs. Also, the console provides for an ultimate sound experience by supporting DTS 5.1, Dolby Digital 5.1, as well as Linear PCM 7.1. Moreover, Sony PS3 allows cross connectivity with PlayStation Portable (PSP) and PC network and the 120GB capacity allows you to save as well as download games from the internet.

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Sony PS3 120GB utilizes the Blu-ray disc media format, providing the best quality picture experience on your TV with its ability to hold 6 times more data than traditional DVDs. However, aside from the Blu-ray discs, it also supports DVD, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, CD-RW formats. The awesome power combined with the tremendous capacity, the system’s graphics card and processor promises mind-blowing games and other multimedia contents to the user. In addition, the software of Sony PS3 system includes BD Live support that allows user to play discs with Blu-ray Disc Profile 2.0 feature, which means you can connect to the internet while playing. The Sony PS3 owners also get access to the PlayStation Network, where users can download game demos, games, movies and other contents, as well as play mini-games, chat with friends, explore dedicated game spaces and compete in tournaments.

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Sony PS3 120GB system includes Dualshock 3 wireless controller which provides the most spontaneous game play experience, with built-in pressure sensors in each button and the enclosure of Sixaxis, a highly sensitive motion sensing technology. This controller provides unique rumble feel right in the palm of the users hand with every hit, explosion and crash even more realistically and can detect natural movements for high precision interactive play, letting it perform as a natural extension of the player’s body. For wireless game play, Dualshock 3 employs Bluetooth technology and the detachable USB cable of the controller automatically charges it when connected to the Sony PS3.

The PlayStation3 120GB features Bravia + HDMI Synch functionality which allow connectivity among Sony HDMI products without utilizing multiple remote controls.

By integrating all these excellent features into the latest Sony PS3, it is quite certain that people of all range will surely admire this product with all respect.


by Kelly Rose