White People Often Disguise Their Racism

If we observe and focus on various incidents which had taken place during the dark days of slavery and even after that time period, it has been proven, on several occasions that many white people have racial issues which makes them want to stand apart instead of mixing around with black people. Apparently although the situation seems different in the present with the increasing number of interracial relationships, the bitterness within the white people still exist to some extent. At present, there are many organizations which strive to maintain peace and equality among the whites and blacks. Consequently, white people often disguise their racism in order to prove innocent to the world and to the society. Nevertheless their true colors and thoughts can be seen and experienced on a number of occasions. Although this does not apply to all white people, there are many situations in which we are able to see clearly through their disguises.

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In certain churches, even though the worship service is meant for all people, there are times when some whites show their disapproval to sit with a black or to receive communion next to a black. The differences they have in mind are not shown openly to the world. Neither could they explain the subtle feeling. But the fact is that many white people feel a big deal of contrast and that particular feeling is what prevents them to accept the equality among all humankind.

Another reason for white people to disguise their racism is for to prevent others from getting hurt. For example if you have a white friend who is married to a black, you simply would not want to speak anything which would promote racism due to the fact of creating unnecessary fights and arguments with your friend. But the fact of you being a racist will not change whatsoever. The only difference is that you would remain as a racist in a covet manner instead of revealing your true colors to the world.

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Considering education, today, blacks and whites share an equal rate of intelligence. Today many blacks own and administer highly esteemed companies and organizations across the globe. Therefore, many white people disguise their racism for the sake of getting suitable employment and good positions in those companies. This is a very controversial situation which many people do not prefer to speak about in the open. However, overtly or covertly, if you are a racist, you would not experience the true tranquility in life.

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by Ranches Lee Hall