Trust Issues in Love and Relationships

Trust issues in relationships are often those that end up breaking up relationships. If you cannot trust someone, you cannot have a relationship with them. You have to have trust as a foundation on which to build a relationship.

If you have trust issues in relationships, they can stem from either past or present behavior. Some people have trust issues in general and tend to bring this baggage with them into every relationship. Others have been burned by an ex boyfriend or girlfriend and bring that baggage into the relationship. Here are some examples of how trust issues in relationships can play an important role:

Backsliding from your ex

If you had an ex boyfriend or girlfriend who cheated on you, you may start experiencing trust issues in relationships with other individuals, especially when you get close to one another, It may be difficult for you to make the distinction between you new love and your ex and you may end up not being able to trust the other person. If you have been in a bad relationship, you often need time to heal so that you can get over your ex and get on with your life. But life isn’t always like that. Sometimes you meet someone else right away and embark on a relationship with them. You feel happy at first, until something triggers you to compare them to your ex. This is how many trust issues in relationships start. The key is to seek counseling for yourself if you feel that this is hindering you in new relationships.

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Bad behaving current fling

But not all trust issues in relationships are based on actions of past lovers. In some cases, they are based on the actions of the person with whom you are in the relationship. You may suspect that he or she is being deceptive when it comes to their past, or may be deceiving you by dating another person behind your back. Many people who meet others on the internet feel this way because it is so easy to meet new people. You may be thinking that as easily as you love met you, they can meet someone else. And if they start exhibiting suspicious behavior and changing, you may find that you have a reason not to trust them. Not all trust issues in relationships are unfounded figments of our imagination.

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If you continue to have trust issues in relationships, examine your other relationships. Those that you have with family members and friends. Perhaps it is you who needs to let their guard down a bit and begin to trust others, or perhaps your current boyfriend or girlfriend is not for you. By taking a look at your past relationships and learning from them, you can start working on trust issues in relationships that are yet to come.


Source by Emma-Louise Smith