Deepak's Live Global Meditation | Video

Please enjoy this mantra-based global meditation organized by The Chopra Center and The Well, lead by Dr. Deepak Chopra. #hopegoesglobal #globalmeditation


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  1. Every blessing to you, Dr. Chopra, and the world. Such sweet spirit. Thank You, Yahweh, for all blessings and love. We recognize Your Presence in all our activities. We heal and are healed through Your grace.

  2. What a truly magical experience! I sat outside at 03.45 UK time this morning, wrapped in blankets and bathed in the beautiful, nurturing light of the almost full moon and stars as I meditated with countless others across the planet. I truly felt connected to Heaven and our Mother Earth. At one with myself, nature and all life. I believe that, (although I feel deeply for all who have lost loved ones) that the Corona virus is in many ways a gift to us all to learn what it means to be as one throughout the world and live in the light of Love. May love, forgiveness and peace be yours.

  3. Did anyone else notice the light to the top right, grow and retract, and then grow again just as Deepak said something, these words seemed would correlate to the lights movements.

    Or was it just a cloud?

  4. Namaste Deepak. Practicing this meditation is truly inspiring..thank you ..I'm very grateful to have access to this meditation during this time. God bless and love and light ..passing healing energy to the world. With love from South Africa❤

  5. I did the global meditation along with friends and family from my state in NY as well as other states! May the light beings heal us all. And through us heal the universe! Anen

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