Must See Places During a South Africa Holiday Trip

The African continent has interesting places to visit any time of the year, a day or night. But since you cannot do it all at once, you can organize a teaser trip by planning a south Africa holiday tour. This will make you understand what they mean when they say Hakuna Matata (No problems), in this continent. You can have a tour agent plan the whole expedition for you and give you the information before hand or you can decide to tire yourself and save some money. Whichever way to decide to go about this, there are some places you cannot afford to miss when you go down to that part of the world. This country has one of the most memorable stories when it comes to its struggle for freedom. This was characterized by the apartheid rule that everyone in the world opposed.

To get a better picture of the struggle to end apartheid, you can visit Robben Island. You will get a chance to visit the cell number 4664 where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for most of the 27 years he was a prisoner. You will see the conditions he endured together with other prisoners and the cell this man, who later became the president, ate, slept and thought about his country. Since that experience may get emotional for you, you can include a trip to the Table mountain for a moment to unwind by looking at this mountain that has a flat top. Accessibility is possible using cable cars and you can get a view of Cape town from the peak. It is situated inside Cape town and this gives you a chance to tour the city as well. There are various wildlife animals for you see such as snakes, the porcupines and tortoises. Also, it would be hard for you to have a South Africa holiday without a visit to its expansive coast.

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To get the best the sea has to offer, the Garden route will give you an opportunity to see sea life as you move a long the shore line. You can stop in various places that have stop over points. This will be a chance for you to see dolphins among others. You also need to add Kruger National Park to your must see places. It will take at least five hours by road from Johannesburg. The infrastructure is good so you will not encounter bumpy or rough stretches. This park will give you the chance to see the five famous animals among others. It has expansive areas of bush life and vegetation. It will give you a chance to spend several hours in the African wild and you can always take some snap shot memories back home. For the south Africa holiday experience to climax, you can visit some of the cities in this country. There is a lot to see and enjoy. You can get into Johannesburg, Sun City and Cape town. Shop around and enjoy the African cuisine. Your aim is to get the maximum experience.

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by Calvin Knowles