Help! I See Bright Red Blood on My Toilet Paper and Stool

Seeing bright red blood on your toilet paper and stool after using the bathroom is very alarming. It downright scared the hell out of me when I went through it.

My heart and mind started racing a mile a minute and I felt a massive wave of anxiety rush over my body. I sat in my bathroom wondering if I was dying.

It was extreme thinking on my part no doubt, but when you see bright red blood on your toilet paper and stool you naturally panic.

What normally happens is most people do like I did. I frantically rushed to the computer to do a Google search typing in "bright red blood on toilet and stool" hoping for answers.

Literally thousands and thousands of search results appeared on the screen. The important thing to do is stay calm. There are many different reasons why bright red blood will appear on your toilet paper after wiping and be clearly visible on your stool.

Too be honest many times there are some outlandish false claims made online by people about what causes the bleeding. Stick with visiting reputable sites like and to get medical facts. This still should not replace seeing a hemorrhoid doctor if you can afford to.

It is always strongly recommended you see a doctor at the first sign of blood from the rectum and anus. One of the more common causes of blood appearing when passing a bowel movement is hemorrhoids.
Hemorrhoids are inflamed veins that turn into fleshy lumps inside of the rectal cavity or outside of the anus. Hemorrhoidal symptoms include chronic itching, throbbing pain and bleeding.

I did feel these symptoms before blood appeared, but I foolishly ignored them hoping they would simply go away on their own. I work two part-time jobs to scratch out a living. Either job offers employees affordable medical insurance plans.

I had a good idea that I had hemorrhoids. I just did not have the extra money to pay to see a doctor for hemorrhoid treatment. It was either keep the lights on or see a doctor. I chose to keep the lights on.
Fortunately there are many times when hemorrhoids can be successfully treated at home without having to see a hemorrhoid doctor. If you do not have health insurance coverage and cannot afford to see a doctor you can do what I did to treat and cure hemorrhoids at home.

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I discovered a simple four point plan to eliminate hemorrhoids at home that worked for me after seeing bright red blood on my toilet paper and stool.

It involves using hemorrhoids ointment cream, natural fargelin plum flower pills, a personal hygiene reacher and 100% natural itch spray.

Hemorrhoids ointment creams from Chinese herbal formulas are amazing products in my personal opinion as a former bleeding hemorrhoids sufferer. Most have a refreshing fragrant smell that provides a fast cooling feeling.

The hemorrhoids ointment cream takes away heat and unhealthy skin tissues making room for new healthy tissue growth. It helps stop itch, pain and bleeding while helping to shrink hemorrhoids.

The bright red blood on my toilet paper and stool caused by hemorrhoids soon stopped after taking action using a Chinese herbal musk hemorrhoids ointment cream.

A friend of mine who also had suffered from hemorrhoids in the past recommended I also take fargelin plum flower pills. These plum flower pills use natural healing Chinese herbs that are a well-known hemorrhoid treatment that has been used for centuries.

Plums flower has powerful healing properties that improve colon and digestive health. This natural healing remedy works with from within your body to treat and cure hemorrhoids.

It boosts your body's ability to eliminate ailments like hemorrhoids safely without chemicals that can have dangerous side effects. Fargelin plum flower pills promote healthy blood circulation and deliver pain relief from inflammation. I took these daily with my morning low sodium V8 juice.

My hemorrhoid situation was embarrassing for me because I also had a problem with reaching that area of ​​my body where I needed to apply hemorrhoid ointment cream. Not to mention cleaning myself to prevent my hemorrhoids from becoming infected.

A personal hygiene reacher did the job for me to reach those hard to reach places comfortably. Many ergonomically designed to be easy to use and very hygienic.

The kind I bought is an 11 inch extended curve handle with a soft and a flexible head that has a sturdy three tulip petal design that is IDEAL for medicated wipes. I quickly realized that regular toilet paper was too harsh to clean with. Toilet paper irritated my hemorrhoids and sometimes caused bleeding.

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I never wanted to bright red blood on toilet paper and stool again. Medicated sanitary wipes were much more effective for cleaning hemorrhoids and did more than toilet paper could.

Once wipes are inserted to the rounded head they can easily and cleanly be released with a button located on the handle. There was no way I would be able to apply hemorrhoid ointment cream or clean properly without this personal hygiene reacher.

Not being able to properly apply medication and clean hemorrhoids increases risk of infection and possible hemorrhoid surgery. Hemorrhoids are a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria. If you need help reaching there is no shame in getting some assistance with a personal hygiene reacher.

When I was not at home or it was convenient to apply hemorrhoid ointment I found using a 100% natural itch spray helped tremendously.

Scratching the delicate areas inside of the rectum and outside of the anus can cause bleeding and inflammation to happen that you don't want. This can end up having you sitting in your bathroom looking at bright red blood on your toilet paper and stool in a nervous panic.

Itching and scratching are two of the biggest enemies to hemorrhoids being treated and cured. Not to say that every hemorrhoid treatment and cure works for every person, but this four step plan worked terrific in my case.

I never had to see a hemorrhoid doctor or have hemorrhoid surgery and was able to treat my hemorrhoid condition at home successfully.

I'll never forget the day I discovered bright red blood on toilet paper and stool. I felt such a rush of anxiety and panic that I was scared I was dying. It's dramatic to think like that, but when you're in a situation where you see blood in a vulnerable act as having a bowel movement your mind can race. Mine did.

Even if you don't use any part of this article to help treat and cure hemorrhoids it's still important you take care of yourself by treating a hemorrhoidal condition ASAP. Ignoring warning signs like I did can lead to bright red blood on toilet paper and stool.


by Winston Cook