Simple Healthy Tips for Busy People

“Health is wealth”

A healthy person is equal to a happy and wealthy person. The reason being he can enjoy all the joys of life without any physical pain, on the other hand a wealthy person with lack of health can hardly enjoy all the joys of life.

In this fast and competitive age we hardly get time to take care of our health and rarely give importance it. We focus on our health when it gets affected due to some diseases or accidents. We cannot prevent unexpected accidents but we make sure our body is strong enough to handle any disease or bypass unexpected accidents.

Following are some of the simple health care tips that will help you remain healthy for longer:-

Get quality sleep-

Getting quality sleep is very important for your mind and body. It is important to sleep for at least six hours every night. Lack of sleep makes you weak and more prone to sickness, studies has shown that sleeping for few hours every night might even reduce your concentration power. Following tips can help you sleep quickly.

Try to relax yourself through meditation before you sleep

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Take deep breaths and sleep

Darken your room

Choose healthy snacks such as oatmeal whole grain cereal with milk, chamomile tea or cheery as a night snack this will help you get into sleep mode easily sleep, and also help your body to fight fatigue, stress and infection

Exercise- Exercising daily is the best way to keep you healthy. Following are some of its benefits:-

Boosting your immune system

Helps you get back in shape

Improving your eyesight

Maintaining blood pressure

Decreasing aging of your body and make you look young

Increase your confidence

Helps in reducing your weight

Even ten minutes of daily exercise can produce all the above results, if you cannot exercise daily or feel it is boring then you can choose other healthy alternatives like – play game, taking healthy class such as swimming, aerobics, yoga, meditation etc. or can just walk the park every morning or evening.

Maintain your personal hygiene

Maintaining personal hygiene makes you more civilized and improved your health. Take a bath daily, do not share your towel, tooth brush, hair brush and other personal products with others. Keep your teeth clean, brush and floss after ever meal. Visit to your dentist regularly.

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Have the “Attitude of Gratitude”

“Thoughts becomes things choose good one”- Mike Doodly

What we believe in our mind becomes our reality, therefore always see yourself as a healthy and happy person. Research has shown having positive thought and being grateful in life helps in increasing the immune system and improves your overall health.

Connect with Other People

Connecting with healthy people is the best way to maintain your inner happiness. Hangout with your friend often or Go out make new friends, explore new place. Try to spend

Eat healthy food

Eat loads of fruits and vegetables. Choose healthy food such as celery sticks, tomato, cherry, grapes, berries, dry fruits. All these foods are packed with antioxidants.

Drink eight glass of water every day

More than 75% of our body is made up of water. Therefore drinking water every day will maintain the water balance of your body and keeps you hydrated.

All the above tips are simple and can be easily incorporated in your busy life. Wish you a healthy body!!


by Rakeshjha Kumar Verma