My Personal Experience With Science, Technology and Religion

My personal experience with science, technology and religion!

For over a decade and a half now, I have not felt the hand of God work for me in any positive manner that I can relate too. If anything I feel his hand has taken a downward spiral. Furthermore I strongly believe they are many people who share these sentiments. For example, the difference between me and a wrong doer is that a wrong doer will do wrong things while I will do my best to do no wrong. Whereas, the similarities between me and the wrong doer is that we both have to eat, breath the same air, and lastly we both are human beings.

Science, technology and religion (Christianity)

Simply defined in relation to each other in this context, Science is the study and evidence presented regarding living and non-living things. Technology on the other hand is the advancement or betterment of humanity while religion is the believe system of mankind.

With science and technology being the mechanism for human advancement. Christianity in my view is taking a position of mythical storytelling. It is fairly evident that humanity needs something to believe in, (be it self or in something). Christians believe in God and they know he cares about their wellbeing. But does God really care about humanity? Look at the world today, it is in the worst state ever, with so much pain, disease, suffering and endless natural disasters. It is beginning to take a toll on humanity both emotionally and physically. So once again where is God? and does he really care about his creation. It is written in the Bible that mankind will suffer and go through trials and tribulations. But to what extent will that be?

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The bible was written thousands of years ago by uneducated men. However, it is purported they were led by the Holy Spirit in their writings hence making the scriptures true.

The scriptures could be true to some degree, but have now shown to be inaccurate, inconsistent and contradicting. The modern day era is being taught about the Bible and its philosophies by mostly educated people known as preachers. These preachers have been able to lead many people to believe in God and Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior but have totally failed to explain convincingly why pain, disease and suffering are on the uprise.

Observational studies across the world indicate that the Christian believe system in mostly developed countries is on the decline. In my view this could be attributed to the realization that humanity has discovered the notion and power of self believe as opposed to unseen believe. Science and technology has been and will continue to be influential in helping people understand, believe, and better themselves. However, the downside to that is science and technology requires hard work, time, thought processes, trail and error, and brilliant minds. With these two quotes below, always remember.

  1. ‘You are where you are because of the way you think.’
  2. ‘The mind is the ultimate tool for self action.’

In conclusion, Christianity was a means used to separate classes of people and hence make them believe in something unseen during the ancient era while science and technology is a tool that brings people together for a common cause of bettering, understanding, and believing in themselves. Additionally, not everyone can be a scientist but everybody can be religious.

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by Eric Mwebe