Native American Astrology – The Raven Totem

The Raven

If you were born between September 23rd and October 23rd, you were born under the sign of the raven. This article will describe what is likely to be your personality and character traits and offer ways in which the raven can help you as a spirit companion.

Spiritual Growth

Raven offers magical ability. You can become the magician in your own life, creating the life that you want most, and the life you were meant to have. We each have an inner magician available to us but with raven, that ability is enhanced and is always available to you.

Out of any darkness in your life, raven gives you the ability to bring light. With raven, you can take a wish or a dream that is still unformed and give to it the shape and form you desire.

Raven Totem Character Traits

“People born under the sign of the raven are highly efficient individuals who put ideas into practice. They can be dynamic, but they may not always seize opportunities when they arise. Individuals born under this sign are pretty tech-savvy people, so they are able to learn and use the latest technology quite easily, and they can use it to their advantage. Ravens are very ambitious; they have great potential for new and successful enterprises.” -Deborah Durbin, Simply Native American Astrology

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Balance is very important to people born under this sign, so sometimes, when decisions have to be made, they are found sitting on the fence, weighing pros and cons and finding it hard to land on either side.

Raven people hate conflict and will avoid people who seem to be causing trouble. Though they are not known to carry a grudge, if you hurt them, they are not likely to forget it.

Does this sound like you, so far?

If you were born under this sign, peace and quiet are important to you and you are likely to speak softly and do whatever it takes to create or maintain peace. You don’t want to upset anyone, and can be very diplomatic and cooperative with others.

You are quite friendly and once you decide that you like someone, that person will probably become a lifelong friend. You are often very forgiving with those you love.

However, you are easily bored and sometimes, this affects your relationships. You may find that suddenly you are drifting away from a partner who was once important to you because it is hard for you to handle the demands of others.

Speaking of demands, you sometimes feel like the world is asking you to go too fast in order to keep up, when you would prefer a steadier pace. You don’t like to hurry!

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Your appearance is very important to you, and because you take such pride in it, you may sometimes seem vain and superficial. You do not see yourself that way, because you know how deeply you care about certain things, so you may wonder why people think that of you.


If you were born under this sign, then you are great with people and would do well in any profession that involved working with others. Because you can be pleasant and persuasive, you would be good in careers that require problem-solving.

High-pressure sales jobs where you work on commission probably would not be a good fit. But you are good at making arrangements for others, so social work or real estate would be good choices.

Careers in the beauty industry would fit because you enjoy helping other people to look good. Hairdresser, makeup artist or something else in that field would make a good career choice.

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by Jeanine Byers