[Hindi] Python Matplotlib Tutorial – Python Data Science and Big Data Tutorials {VIDEO}

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  1. Thank you Harry Bhaiya for this series .. Agar Ek accha sa project karva dete(on Big Data and Data science )par, toh bahut accha hota as i'm in 3rd year , i need a good project . I love python ! .. Please comment on this , do you have any future plans to continue on this .

  2. bhai maa confused huu maa android app banana chata hu par ab mana python adhi sek lee haa bhai kya python pa app bana sakta haa yaa ab maa java seko? aur thanks for amazing videos

  3. Thanks for free tutorials. Kya apke pas koi project ya exercise data science ki ho to batana. Kyu ki abhi ye sikh to liya he but ise koi project ya exercise se aur jyada pta chalega.

  4. Bro…Srif Like mt krna…EK question hai mera…..Mujhe Resume parsing project krna hai(Job Desrip. se mujhe data nikalna hai)…uske liye mujhe kya kya padha hoga…????Mujhe sab technology ka name btana..Plz

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