Native American Astrology – The Snake Totem

The Snake

If you were born between October 24th and November 21st, you were born under the sign of the snake. This article will describe what is likely to be your personality and character traits and offer ways in which the snake totem can help you as a spirit companion.

Spiritual Growth

In Native American spirituality, the snake represents the opportunity for transformation and healing. It brings rebirth and resurrection, and offers wisdom and initiation into a new life. As we release that which no longer serves us, it dies in our lives, making way for something new to be created, to be born in us.

Look for what needs to heal in your life and then call on snake to help you heal it and weather the transition that ensues. Transitions are likely to come quickly and resolve quickly.

Snake can help awaken your creativity, stimulate deeper perception, greater insight and more accurate intuition. It can help you see into the hearts of others and know them more truly than you were able to before. Trust the insights that come to you about others. They may seem strange but are usually right.

Snake Totem Character Traits

“The feelings of people born under the sign of the snake can be intense, but these people are also cautious. They avoid revealing their weaknesses to others. On the surface, they are bold and confident people, but this facade masks insecurity and a need to protect their feelings. Those born under the snake sign have the ability to sum up others at a glance and see right through charlatans almost before they have spoken.” -Deborah Durbin, Simply Native American Astrology

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They are able to do the same thing in new situations, knowing almost immediately, on an intuitive level, whether the situation is a good one or a bad one. They may have an interest in the occult, but want proof before they believe any particular claim.

They make great strategists, so if they are headed somewhere in life, you can bet they have a detailed plan for getting there.

Trusting the people they love, and even coworkers and friends, is an important need for them. They will do whatever is needed for someone they trust, but once a situation proves that they cannot trust someone, that trust is gone for good!

Because they are determines, passionate and intense, snake people work hard and play hard. They can take on a huge workload and will be there before anyone else arrives, getting it done. But they also love to have parties and to travel, playing as intensely as they work. They are good at organizing and reliable problem solvers.

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Using their intuitive ability, they often see a problem coming down the road long before it actually manifests, and usually, they are right.

Though they are kind and generous with the people they love, they also argue intensely and sometimes do not realize what impact they are having on other people. Others may leave or reject that overbearing, insistent manner and then they wonder what happened, what they did wrong that led to losing the relationship.


People born under this sign are great in positions of leadership and authority, and in jobs or careers where they can feel like they are doing something of value and can help people sort out their problems. This offers a variety of possibilities, including police work, medical professions, sports trainers and others.

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by Jeanine Byers