History of Lagos

Lagos is modern day port city located in Nigera. Lagos is one of the most highly populated cities all over the globe. According to the growth patterns all over the globe and the city, it is said that the city is growing at a very rapid pace. To project the numerical at a very accurate level the city the ranked at the seventh place in respect to its growth compared to other cities. The natives inhabiting the city in early days were called yourba and the city went by the name of Eko. It had a pivotal place in history as been written down as a war town. The modern name Lagos was granted the Portuguese, which highlights its connection with the sea as it means lakes. The current population of the city consists of the original natives the immigrants which settled in the area over the years.

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The first connection made by the Portuguese, was through the explorer Rui de Sequeira as he was the pioneer who visited the visited the area in 1472, during the race to explore the bounders of the planet earth, He was the one who ended up naming the city as Lago de Curamo. Lagos has another historical aspect as it was discovered in the 1400 when exploration on its peak so Lagos, Portugal was the town which became as famous check post for the world to go through in order to explore the African coast and extend the roots of civilized life into heart of Africa. From the years of 1404-1889 it has some dark secrets to tell as the city served as a major centre of the slave trade,. In 1841 an attempt to ban the slave trading was made but it was a very futile attempt and the practice continued but had a rebellion in its pocket. In 1851 the slave trade was outlawed through a revolution and the modern the city was on the road to modern success.

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by Caristeina Julee