Can I really become an Ethical Hacker? {VIDEO}

I’ve had my doubts…can I really go from Network Engineer to hacker?

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Ethical Hacking


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  1. Hey guys I wanted to go and ask you guys for some help I am in high school so I kind of had a ton of time in my hands I got bored with my life so I wanted to try something new so I was trying to get the security + and then maybe The oscp I was very hyped at first but after I failed the comptia security + exam I am not feeling motivated at all Anyone can help me out get me out of this state

  2. My background is in live sound engineering and studio recording. First ventured into networks because audiovisual systems are being networked more often. Would love to get into Pen Testing/ Bug Bounty Hunting as a freelancer concurrent with my audio career. Here is my cert path: Net+, Sec+, Linux+, CEH, eCPPT, eWPT, then OSCP. I watch your videos to keep me motivated.

  3. I was a sysadmin for 10 years, Windows based networks, and one day, just booked PWK, and started there. Got OSCP, and then CREST and OSWP and it all just started going mental, and now 3 years as a pentester, it's been the best thing I ever done. Having a solid networking background is going to be theee best start, as the people who do, often excel in this field. Most of the issues with the job is not testing the stuff, its the time spent trying to get to it. Using jump boxes (Bastion hosts) or using SSH to forward packets through dedicated hosts. That sort of thing. I'd say that the job is more concentrated on client interaction, and report writing than 'hacking' – Compliance checks, build reviews, firewall reviews and all that boring stuff that pays the bills. It's not all about shells and root. Anyone coming into the industry who thinks this, is going to be really disappointed.

  4. Chuck – if you're going down the "hacker" (cybersecurity) experience there's a lot of ground to cover (as you well know).
    You may want to outline the entire journey (dividing it into infrastrcuture and development components). Here's just a beggining list for consideration on topics you can learn/cover:

    Platform (patching) Vulnerabilities

    – Windows Desktop & Server

    – Linux

    – Industrial IOT and consumer “Smart” devices

    – Firewalls

    – Cell phones – Android and iOS

    – Viruses
    (delivery , prevention and remediation)


    – Wired line (“tapping”)

    – Wi-Fi

    – Password hacking

    – WEP and WPA Weaknesses (cracking tools)

    Network Attacks & Traffic manipulation (DNS, DDoS, etc.)

    NST – external black box network vulnerability scans


    – Spoofing

    – Phishing, Vishing and Smishing

    – Ransomware

    – Spamming

    – Social Engineering


    MITM – ”Man in the Middle” Attacks

    SAST – Static Application Security Testing 

    – Security weakness in static source code

    SCA – Security Control Assessor

    – Open source in code and binaries

    – ID’s dependencies against a defined set of controls

    IAST – Interactive Application Security Testing

    – Automated/manual web applications

    – Location and data leakage issues

    MAST – Mobile Application Security Testing 

    – Static and dynamic analysis of iOS and Android Apps

    DAST – Dynamic Analysis Security Testing 

    – Provides risk analysis and guidance

    – Checks for PCI and OWASP top 10 compliance

    Penetration (Pen) Testing

    – Web and API testing (manual & automated)

    – Reviews business logic flows and access controls

  5. very good video buddy. am i can get a networking job without cisco official certs. i am going to learn ccna, ccnp from newhorizon clc learning center and i am going to take the official exam sometime latter. but within this time i need a job.

  6. Welcome to the deep Cybersecurity world!
    Those are coming in filed communicate with community, in white hat hacking and ethical hacking communities you will find best people you ever have seen. It's not at all like black-hat hacking community where people make fun of each other and expose them. Start with the world best pentesting labs Hackthebox. Here you will find all gem people which are waiting to help you in this community!

  7. Become a hacker isn't that easy you need someone who know this thing's is a ton of study but I think if you like this you can do it bro

  8. how to become a white hat hacker:
    -buy a laptop, or a raspberry pi
    -install any linux distro
    -run around your neighborhood with WPS scan running in the background

    now, whenever you find a hackable WPS, find and go up to the network admin and tell them
    "yo dude, disable your WPS. you're gonna get hacked!"
    and boom! you've just prevented a possible hack

  9. Hello NetworkChuck, Since 2011 i am working as a data protection engr using EMC backup tools and storage products. Now i want to move to network security including ethical hacking . i need your help how to start.

  10. Hi Chuck Greetings from Peru, I just got my CCNA today and I wanted to thank you for the inspiration and confidence you give, I also want to immerse myself in the world of Ethical Hacking and your channel is my main guide in the world of networking continues to grow a hug, sorry for my English .

  11. As an FYI…vulnhub is a place to download vulnerable VM's….you use them to practice hacking against in a virtual environment.

  12. lol I guess thats the question most kid ask themselves right now.. but yes… its a long and bumpy journey.
    i got into it a bit accidentally. started with ccna, got a call from a guy who used cisco in his smb. and helped him out. next thing you know im opening up smb on a domain enviroments, being seriously concerned for our clients safety bc of the way things work arround here. they want something to work – i enable them and let them know they're unsecure if this that… which was not realy near my scope of work. next thing you know im writing security reports to another customer who just wanted his network saved from having to use two subscription lines. It took me like a year and im not even certified yet because of this ccna upgrade. Life is good. Also – talking about becoming a hacker is just way to broad. So i guess its right to create a longer vid about it because theres just so much to grasp and go for … one might get lost quickly

  13. CEH is about learning how hacking works. It;s never meant to get you to the cutting edge of hacking. A bit like how getting your drivers license learns you how to drive and how traffic works, but doesnt make you a great driver. That's why i'd recommend getting CEH, before you even try to do PWK (Pentesting With Kali) and OSCP.

  14. HEY chuck i am 30 yrs old i am pc and laptop technician i cleared my ccna 200-125 today will it boost my career or is it too late to start career in networking

  15. Networkchuck you're really inspiring me?. You motivated me to learn more on the tech support side. And study for the CCNA. Now i wanna build some kinda home lab do you have any examples what home lab to build and the kind of infrastructure to go for. And what i need for hardware to make a cool lab

  16. Make sure to watch the HTB walkthrough(s) on ippsec's channel; I've learned so much from him. Also, I'd start the Cyber Mentors Udemy course. It's gold.

    Then, I'd move onto ElearnSecurity's ECPPT, then OSCP.

  17. OSCP as others have stated, but also look into elearnsecurity. Doesn't have the HR rep (like the CEH) but every good in respect to gaining knowledge

  18. For people wanting to try Linux on a budget why don't you ever recommend them just booting off a USB flash? I run windows 10 on a laptop but have an Ubuntu Budgie (my favorite desktop environment) flash drive I boot from when I need to test a concept

  19. Yes you can become an ethical hacker, but more importantly, you could inspire an incredible amount of people on the net to take on a role which the world is currently lacking – cyber security.
    I hope you do it bro, I will.

  20. Hey Chuck, I'm Currently being financed through where I work to complete an apprenticeship in Cyber Security! Ethical Hacking is where I will be going after that so that we can bring Pen testing in house and Hopefully……One day have a SOC internally. Keep telling yourself (because I am) from small Acorn's come big Oak tree's! Much Love dude!

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