Getting The Most Out Of Your Boxing Punches

Anyone with even a nodding familiarity with boxing can probably name the basic punches. Before you move onto combination punches and other advanced tactics, you should be sure you are getting the most out of the fundamental blows.

Essentially there are only six punches – jab, cross, lead hook, rear hook, lead uppercut and rear uppercut. But you can subdivide these punches according to target level and thus double the number to twelve – and even add a few variations to raise the number even higher.

There are however a few broad considerations that apply to all punches:

– Always observe the hinge principle when using any technique – this is basically to whip and snap every punch thus increasing range speed and power. With every punch you imagine that you are slamming a door while pivoting on the hinge (the ball of your lead foot).

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– Make the negative portion of your punch just as crisp as your positive motion as lazy returns create a field day for counterpunchers

– Maximise you stopping force by utilizing the physics of power with every punch

– Return immediately to your guard position, identifying the arc, plane or path that each punch is to travel and endeavor to retreat along that same path.

– Exhale with every punch – ideally from the nose (so your mouth is kept shut against your mouthpiece to prevent a broken jaw). This allows greater muscle in the punch, just like a power lifter moving a bar. Also by exhaling you release body tension allowing you to be stronger and more relaxed as well as making the receipt of your opponents blow easier (when they counterpunch).

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– Shadowbox often as this prepares you for missing and you will miss far more than you hit. This will teach you to return to a good guard whether you have hit or missed.

– Lastly, but most importantly – always keep your guard up while snapping those punches out!

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by Poppy Taylor