Nephomancy – Divination By The Clouds

Nephomancy is divination by the clouds, an art (and once was a science) that is one of the oldest kinds of divination known to man. The ancient Mesopotamians had a god of storms, Hadad, or Raman, who also became god of any kind of divination at all. Those who saw fortunes in the clouds were the forefathers of those who saw the future practically any other way throughout history.

And it’s not just the future you can see in the clouds. It’s the present and even the past. Often the images you will see will reveal the truth about your life at the time as well as what lies ahead. Astrology in the 20th Century became concerned with psychology, and modern nephomancy is similar in how it touches the mind and heart with blessing and healing.

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Have you ever looked up in the sky and seen something in the clouds? Perhaps you thought it was just your imagination. But you know you saw a beautiful picture portrayed there and you weren’t mistaken. This is what the modern nephomancer sees, unmistakable pictures that represent notable things.

Often faces are seen in the clouds. And often there are archetypal images, especially those of the zodiac, like Aries sheep and Capricorn goats. These are not simply the product of the imagination of the one who is watching, and they are not coincidence. These are signs and symbols, communications from God.

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There is no better place to look to find out what’s going on with God than in Heaven. Jesus famously taught His disciples to pray, “On earth as it is in Heaven.” Astrology may represent the heavens above, and so does nephomancy with the ever-changing face of the sky as seen in the clouds.


by Jason Cummings