Night of the Demons Featuring Diora Baird

With shooting to begin very soon, Adam Gierasch’s remake of Night of the Demons is becoming a reality. Diora Baird has been casted to appear side by side with other fantastic actors and actresses. Diora Baird is to take part in this horror remake based upon a Halloween party that goes terribly wrong. Naturally things start to go wrong, and the protagonists are forced to spend a night in one of the spookiest and dreadful places imagined. The film is sure to be a thriller and is expected to be quite provocative with knockouts like Diora Baird in it.

Diora Baird posing as her character “Lily” is one of the poor kids who are trapped overnight after the Halloween party. Diora Baird and her friends are forced to spend the night fighting for their own souls against ancient demons. Only a few vague synopses have been released for the movie and some of the information is still considered rumored. IT is official though that the remake is going to be filmed and that Diora Baird is going to be starring in it.

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With such a beautiful career and resume Diora Baird will hopefully aid into making this one of the more successful horror movie remakes. Diora Baird has horror movie experience, especially after being a part of the recent Texas Chainsaw Massacre film.

Night of the Demons is expected to be released in February 2009 and should be a wonderful horror flick just like the original released in 1988. With 21st century innovation and technology along with beautiful and talented actresses like Diora Baird we can expect nothing less.

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The film has been recommended as a horror movie for those who aren’t enticed by gut wrenching gore and excessive blood. With any luck the movie will be able to raise a viewer’s heartbeat and get the adrenaline flowing using good old fashioned scare tactics. Until the release in February 2009 we will just have to wait and look forward to Diora Baird’s stunning performance in Night of the Demons.


Source by Ken Bodzak