The Case and Cure for Incomplete Deliverance

Demons that are stubborn and recalcitrant to deliverance prayers, fasting, night vigil and many preacher visits. People with these demonic oppressions have gone from Church to Church, preacher to preacher and one deliverance sessions or another to no avail.

Remember that partial or incomplete deliverance is delayed deliverance. Lame breakthrough is not a breakout. Don’t settle for partial victory. Jesus is able to save to the outermost. He whom the Son has set free is free indeed.

God always finishes what He starts. Jesus Christ is the author and finisher of your faith.

How do you know if your deliverance is successful or fruitful?

You experience release and you feel light. Demonic dreams, nightmares and bad dreams cease. Favors starts coming your way without your even asking people for it. The heavens become open with manifestations of blessings. Suddenly you begin to see answers to your prayers. You start seeing guardian and warrior angels as demons retreat. You experience the glory and presence of God. You begin to live a victorious Christian life while walking in your covenant rights and privileges in Christ. You begin to enjoy the fruit of your labor, sowing, tithing, and giving. Doors for ministry open if your called into the ministry with destiny helpers popping up here and there.

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Meanwhile, here is the partial list of blocking and stubborn demons that create repeated or persistent problems:

Demons of bitterness and unforgiveness

Demons of lust in their various forms

Demons of addictions of all kinds

Demons of incubus and succubus

Marine spirits and other water demons

Demons of mind control and insanity

Ancestral demons or household spirits

Demons of occult bondage and membership

Religious spirits of idols (in our hearts or house)

Witchcraft spirits (spiritual caterers)

Demonic dream rascals and criminals

These demons are resistant to mass deliverance because of their tendency to work in group, network reinforcement. Demonic confederacy and conspiracy is their stock in trade. They go undetected through stealth activity because they do damage under perfect cover unsuspected by humans. These demons are persistence and tend to come and go at will as long as the doorway and legal ground is intact. They are aided by doorway demons who also act as protection to the lead demons while adding to the overall damage. They create problems and compound issues from bad to worse.

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These demons mock and laugh at all your deliverance prayers even when you call the name of Jesus and the blood. Invoking the fire of the Holy Ghost a few times have little effect on them as well as prayer and fasting.

This is where you need help from a man of God with a higher grace and anointing to dislodge completely.


by Uzo Onukwugha