Demons Flee When the Blood of Jesus Is Applied

The one thing that Christians miss in their prayer is the blood. They know to pray God's word in the name of Jesus but pleading the blood is omitted but it is a vital part of warfare against the enemy. Satan likes the fact that not much is known about the blood because he knows it can render him useless and he knows that he cannot stand in its presence because life is in it and there is no life in him, therefore, he flees from it.

How do we plea or apply the blood of Jesus? We do it by speaking it but it must be done in faith and never out of fear. In order for it to work for us, we have to have confidence in it like we do our salvation. We cannot apply it every once in a while or consider it a common thing. We must have a relationship with it because it is our covenant.

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For over 1500 years before Christ came, the Israelites had an animal blood covenant and they had a relationship with it. Daily sacrifices were made because of this relationship and God honored it and blessed them. How much more will He do for those who are in a relationship with the blood of his son? He will do much more indeed.

The three major weapons of our warfare are the word of God, the name of Jesus and the blood of Jesus. If applied properly, we will see great and mighty wonders. When these three weapons are in use, the kingdom of darkness is bombarded with power from on high and what is being held captive must be set free. Healing is manifested; peace and prosperity will come and everything that pertains to life and godliness will come to us.

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Demons cannot stand the blood; they are repelled by it and they will flee from it because they are aware that God views it and He will manifest Himself because of it. Jesus has already defeated them once and they do not want to contend with Him again so they will leave His anointed ones alone.

During the Pentecostal era of early 1900; God spoke a word to the church saying, "Make much of the blood and the blood will make much of you". Those Saints of the Lord made much of it and they saw many signs and wonders by the hand of God. His word does not change; what He said to them applies to us today.


Source by Lizzie Ducking