Xbox 360 E68 Error Fix

The e68 Xbox problem is not one of the most common issues to affect the Xbox 360 platform, and this can make diagnosing and analyzing the causes (as well as fixing them) slightly more difficult than if your console had been affected by the more common red light of death or e74 errors. However, in this article you are going to learn what causes Xbox 360 code e68 errors, as well as the steps you can take to fix them.

The Xbox e68 is caused by a problem with the hard drive, unlike other Xbox 360 issues which are generally caused by technical difficulties with the graphics processor unit (aka GPU) or the video scaler chip which is a slightly different but related component. Generally one of the connections will have come loose, or overheating may have actually damaged the connections thus causing your console to stop working properly.

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Step number one of your plan to repair your Xbox 360 and get back to gaming again should be to open up your console and remove the hard drive. If your console turns on without it then try re-connecting the hard drive after cleaning the connector pins of dust with a good blast from a compressed air gun. If this does not work then you should borrow a friend or family members’ hard drive to see if this works.

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If neither of these methods work then your console will have suffered some more serious damage and will need to be checked out by Microsoft. However, provided that either a different hard drive or playing without one works you can be sure that you can fix the Xbox 360 e68 error code yourself with a little bit more detailed instruction.


by James Philipson