Whats Up With the Xbox 360 Power Supply Unit!

Has your xbox 360 power supply suddenly gone from a solid green colour to a flashing orange? Obviously you will no doubt want to know just what this means right, well the official line from Microsoft is your xbox 360 is overheating and may need to be sent to an xbox repair centre. Microsoft denies that there are any “systemic issues” with console units.

Even though the xbox 360 power supply has its own dedicated internal cooling fans it seems this isn’t efficiently drawing in enough cool air to do the job it was intended for. When you think about the noise the xbox 360 power supply generates from the internal fans you would think the chances of it overheating would be quit slim. Don’t Panic if you do get the flashing orange light though, there are some steps you can take to avoid this from happening in the first place.

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  • Make sure to leave plenty room around the Xbox 360 Power Supply when setting up your system. If the external air vents are not blocked the power supplys two internal fans can draw in the maximuim air flow.
  • If you can place the Power Supply in a place away from other sources of heat.
  • Do not be tempted to stack other electrical devices on top of the power supply unit, this will defenitly raise the tempiture of the unit.
  • Avoid placing the unit on thick carpet, try keeping it on a solid surface.


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Don’t get the Xbox 360 Power Supply problem mixed up with another problem related to the Xbox which is called the “red ring of death”. This fault revolves around the console unit itself and not the power supply unit. The “red ring of death” is also referred to as the ” xbox 360 three red lights” fault and “the red ring of fire”. If you continue to have problems with your Xbox freezing and crashing after ensuring the PSU is well ventilated, at least you have now ruled out PSU as the cause of your problems.

For more information on fixing your Microsoft Xbox 360 and information regarging the Xbox 360 power supply unit see [http://www.xphelp.org.uk/xbox-360-power-supply.html]


by Vincent Moore