Xbox 360 E47 Error

If you are familiar with the Xbox 360 E47 error, chances are you are having this issue right now and you may not know exactly what the cause of this error is. Another way of identifying this particular error with the Xbox 360, which is only one of a few consistent errors found with these units around the two to three year mark, is the flashing red light.

Not to be confused with the RROD, also known as the red ring of death, the e47 error is identified by one flashing red light as opposed to the three you may see when your Xbox 360 is having problems with the soldered connections on the units CPU as opposed to the GPU. The one flashing red light indicates there is this problem with the units graphical processing unit or GPU.

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90% – 95% of the time this issue can be attributed to what is called cold solder joints caused by the overheating and melting of the GPU chip connection needed for the unit to communicate and function properly. The GPU specializes in creating complicated 3D drawings very quickly. The more detailed and realistic the images or pictures, the longer the processor takes to process. This requires a allot of power to create at a speed that is of playable and steady flow without freezing or being choppy.

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The problem is anytime you add more power to a system such as the Xbox 360 it creates more heat, which requires more cooling with tools like heat sinks and cooling fans. This consistent heating and cooling over time is ultimately what causes our Xbox 360 E47 error by creating cold soldering joints. These joints however can be re-soldered using a technique known as re-flowing which can be done at a very inexpensive price and is an excellent alternative to buying a new unit. If fixing your E47 error is something your interested in, clicking here is a great option for getting this issue repaired effectively and inexpensively.


by William P Agnew