Xbox 0021 Error Fix – Learn About Various Xbox Repair Options

Have Xbox error 0021 has shown up on your console? Looking for a reliable and affordable Xbox 0021 error fix? Then keep on reading. Because in this article I will show you a comparison between two of the most popular Xbox repair procedures and will also try to find out which option is better to fix an Xbox error code.

But before going to that part lets take a look at that Xbox 0021 error that is messing with your console. This particular error code is pretty much common which may occur when:

o your console is facing some sort of problem with the firmware flash

o there is a problem with the southbridge chipset, which is located on the motherboard

Now in order to go for an Xbox 0021 error fix, there are mainly two options available for you:

1. Microsoft Xbox Repair

2. Xbox self-fix

Just a few years ago Microsoft Xbox repair was considered as the one and only option to go for Xbox error code fixing. In this case, all you need to do is contact with Microsoft customer care and send your machine right back to them so that they can get the problem fixed. On the other hand, Xbox self-fix is the option that allows a person to go for an Xbox error fix all by himself with the help of a repair guide.

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So, which one is the better option among these two? Well despite Microsoft Xbox repair does not include any service charge when your console is covered by the warranty, it is not considered as the best option when your console is no longer warranted. This is because Microsoft asks for a very high service charge to repair a warranty expired machine which can be well above $100. Another major problem with Microsoft repair is it takes a whole lot of time for Microsoft to get an Xbox fixed from an error code. Usually the entire procedure takes about a month or even longer than that.

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However, this is not the case with the Xbox self-fix method. In case of the self-fixing procedure, all you need is a reliable Xbox repair manual to go for repairing your console all by yourself and you can easily purchase such a guide online which wont cost you more than $20. There are some awesome Xbox 360 repair guides available online that offers effective Xbox error code fix which wont take more than a couple hours to get your machine fixed. In addition, a reliable repair guide will guarantee permanent fix for a console error, something that Microsoft wont offer. This is why the manual based Xbox repair is getting more and more popular among the gamers who have warranty expired consoles. The procedure is pretty much straight forward and cost effective.


by David Shell