A PS3 Red Light Solution (Easy Fix!)

If you one day wake up and try to play your PlayStation but find that you have the red light of death which is commonly referred to as the RLOD, don’t panic! It’s not uncommon for individuals to experience this with their systems after they have aged a bit. Unfortunately thousands of people have this problem and they are all scouring the internet looking for a solution and exploding with frustration over their broken hardware. Don’t go and throw your PlayStation in the garbage just yet though because there is a solution to the problem.

First, check the console itself. If air cannot flow freely in the console because the fans are placed against the floor or a wall the red light may appear. This could also happen if a lot of dust has built up on the fan so clean it off with some compressed air if you need to. If this fixes your problem, avoid it in the future by cleaning the fans regularly and always be sure that you don’t block the air vents.

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Next, you may want to troubleshoot the hard drive itself. Take it out of the console and put it back in to see if the problem is solved. If you put it back in and the red light still exists, it could be a sign of a deeper problem in the console such as an overheating issue with the motherboard itself especially if air was restricted and allowed to heat up inside it.

A third step that many recommend to try doing at home is to unplug the device and let it sit for about half an hour to determine if the problem is directly related to possible overheating. This is not a guaranteed fix but worth trying. If this doesn’t work for you either, you may have damage to the motherboard itself that cannot be fixed without going into the console.

If you’re this far, it’s time to check the warranty on your PlayStation to see when it expires if it hasn’t already. If you’re still covered Sony will fix the problem but you will be without your system for quite a few weeks and they usually give out systems that are refurbished, not the original one you mailed in. Unfortunately for you as well, all memory is deleted so any content on the hard drive will be lost. Without a warranty this process costs users $150.

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The last solution is to find a fix online that will explain to you how to fix the problem on your own in less than an hour. The programs are detailed guides explaining where each part it and what needs to be done with it to get the system up and working again. Always be careful that what you are doing isn’t going to ruin the device further because then it may be beyond repair whatsoever. The best guides may cost some money but they will include pictures and explain in full how to get your console back up and running.


by Robert Melkonyan