MANIFEST Anything While You Sleep Meditation ~ Listen Nightly | Video

How to MANIFEST Anything While You Sleep ~ Listen Nightly

This sleep meditation will show you the way to manifest anything you want in life. It will guide you, step by step, on how to truly create your desired world around you.
The following, are the very important steps you need to take in manifesting what you want.
First, you need to choose what you want. This may seem obvious to you, but the truth is, most people drift around not ever truly knowing what they want in life. When you do make a choice, make sure it’s something you truly want, because it’s about to be a part of your life.
Be specific. You need to be very clear and specific as to what you want to manifest. Do not become distracted by the HOW. That does not matter. Just Focus on exactly what you want
Don’t be afraid to aim high. If you aim for the stars, don’t be surprised when you reach them.
Remove all doubt and replace it with the unwavering faith and belief that you are receiving what you are asking for.
Visualize a clear picture in your mind. Seeing yourself already having what you want. Feeling as if you already have what you want.

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These are the steps I will be guiding you through in this meditation.
Don’t be fooled into thinking this is all merely wishful thinking or comes from outside supernatural forces. This ability is within all of us. This power comes from our own subconscious mind. The reason this is to be done right before sleep is because your subconscious mind is the most open to suggestion just as you are falling asleep and while you are asleep. You are literally giving your mind the blueprints of what you want to manifest in your life. And it will create exactly what you put on those blueprints.
Repetition is of utmost importance. To ingrain the thoughts and beliefs you want into your subconscious mind, it needs to be repeated. A good time frame is around 30 days. Listen to this meditation for 30 nights as you fall asleep and I will tell you exactly what will happen. You will have unbelievable opportunities fall into your lap. You will have amazing breakthrough ideas come to you like bolts of lightning. Your job at this point is simple. TAKE ACTION! You will be guided the entire way. All you have to do is take action. You will literally come to the point where it will feel like you are living in the twilight zone, because what you will see in your reality will be exactly what you first created in your mind. The feeling is very surreal. And when it happens to you, I assure you, you will have no further doubts about the amazing ability that you have inside you.

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  1. I'm very excited to see if this can help me. I'm very upset to say the least with the current state of my life and I'm ready to do whatever it takes to get what I desire

  2. I need everyone’s manifestation powers. I am going through hard times. All I want is to continue to live a happy life and continue to chase my dreams of filmmaking. I want to go to a film school soon!

  3. First night doing this and I already got great progress towards my goals. The bad thoughts really stayed out and the good thoughts really stayed in. Life is good! This really might just work…. will try to listen to it nightly

  4. Is it possible to buy an MP3 from you? I would like to save it to my phone so I can listen while traveling. Thank you for sharing these, they are so amazing!

  5. Thanks for the video, I am expecting to manifest my privacy, peace, health and comfort back to a 100% also my financial freedom and meeting my soulmate.. Thank you God and the Universe in advance for my blessings ?❤️?

  6. Dear Dauchsy and succesful subscribers…Please Help me.

    I am convinced that there is so much to gain from altering the subconscience mind from negative and limiting beliefs.
    I have been enjoying these meditations so much….for months (if not a year or so) and will continue to, so don't get me wrong.
    I am not sure if I need to ask for just to be at peace and happy is enough? I mean that is what I want. Just to be free of stress. I truely believe this is what is causing my body and mind to fail me.
    I guess I am afraid that if I am to just ask for huge sums of cash to pay off debts and buy everything I need and want, that I may have not asked for the smarts to deal with all the stress of managing it all.
    I hear horror stories of how the rich are hated and ripped off and sometimes depressed and unhappy despite having all the money they could want or need.

    I worry that scammers, people that find out will hassle me.
    Will I be able to maintain property once I get it. Will just having things be enough to be happy?
    Or end up with other problems, like more debt, managing things and dealing with people hassling for money or things.
    I also have problem knowing exactly what I want and relaxing my body (I have muscle and nerve pains all over my body), clearing mind of worries & things I have to do (day to day), enough to visualize and focusing is so hard for me.
    You say be spacific. Should I make a vision board, or a very detailed list of ALL I need or want to manifest or just focus on ONE thing at a time?

  7. I’m hoping to manifest a healthy long lasting relationship and future with the girl I love with all my heart

  8. Yoooo not every manifestation is meant to vibe with our frequency I have just woken up from another night of having listened to this one.. but every single night I listen to this meditation I get the worst sleep of my life and I wake up with terrible headaches.. by the way why is it that? I have realized when I dont listen to it I sleep well…

  9. Hearing affirmations in the first person point of view is less effective than listening to affirmations directed in the 2nd person point of view. When hearing 'I . . ." I do not think in terms of what is said happening to me. Rather if I heard 'You are …" then I am more likely to imagine what is said happening to me.

  10. This is my biggest problem In life is that I don’t no what I want I don’t no what makes me happy. My life is so sad in every way anymore can possibly imagine. My husband and I are homeless and broke living with my mother-in-law recently found out he cheats with hookers my business went down to nothing my dad passed away he was the only one I had in life and I’m struggling Coke addict and I take a pill everyday cuz I got addicted to OxyContin so ya I’m just lost but I still listen every night in hopes that we are all made from a god of wonderful power ? we must have inside us as well

  11. So I started listening last night and within seconds I was sleeping and I actually woke up well rested! But I had the craziest dream as well. So I had played Skyrim before going to be (and listening to this), my dream was like if Skyrim was set in kinda like Fallout 3. Ulfic ruled the lands and everything was worse. Falmer and those bug things were running rampment and took no prisoners and the people locked themselves up for fear of being eaten or killed. I was running with a group dedicated to stopping Ulfic and bringing back old Skyrim. Before I woke up I was trapped in a abandoned home with now I assume were the Falmer bug merged with the people of Skyrim, oozing green pus, throwing up, infecting and then dying. I watched the people of Skyrim from the comfort of this abandoned home run from these things knowing they couldn't defeat them. And that's when I woke up.
    Other than that I feel great!

  12. First night listening to this it is 3:54am. Woke up from a really awful dream listening to this I’m now in a full blown panic attack I’m not going to be listening to this anymore I should have read some comments beforehand

  13. I love dauchys meditation.. this is so true .. it helps me to
    Find my true happiness:) and i can sleep easily because of his gentle voice…

  14. When do I get a chance to just ask for what I want? You keep talking continuously, just shut up for a minute, let the people ask in peace and QUIET! That bit is undiscribable annoying, the rest is fine!

  15. I’m manifesting a Bernie Sanders win after that obnoxious Bloomberg add… really though, what a beautiful reality that would be. People being able to go to the doctor, not living in unimaginable student debt, childcare, affordable housing etc. I can’t wait to have solutions for my patients as a clinical nurse supervisor and be able to alleviate their suffering and trauma on a basic fundamental level.

  16. Completely real experience–I started to listen to this guy's recordings and within a month i went from $5 in savings to $12,000 (more than i ever had jn my life) and i just got a raise at my job. A lot of other incredibly positive things happening too. I cant believe that this is just a coincidence.

  17. Dauchsy, I've a doubt. I start listening to this meditation as soon as I rest on the bed. Should I let it play complete 3 hours? Even though I feel sleepy, I remain alert throughout. Is that how it supposed to be??

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