The Cutting Edge Technology Behind the Xbox Kinect

The Kinect for Xbox and Xbox 360 is an add-on unit that has the promising say to make the game controllers obsolete. Originally known as Project Natal, the Xbox Kinect is capable of capturing the movement of the player and incorporating it with the Kinect video games being played. The technology was inspired by the same technology behind the Nintendo Wii’s Remote and MotionPlus System. The Kinect however is far better than the Wii in some obvious aspects.

The Xbox Kinect unit is a horizontal bar connected to a base with a pivot that is motorized. The Kinect is designed to be placed below the television screen. The components of the device feature an RGB camera, a depth sensor and a multi array microphone. These features make the Kinect for Xbox very capable of 3D motion capture and voice as well as facial recognition. Aside from its gaming capacity, the Kinect also enables a headset free video chat through Xbox live.

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The depth sensor has the power to see in 3D regardless of any light condition because of its infrared projector and a monochrome CMOS sensor. In terms of the sensing range of the sensor, it has the power to calibrate the physical environment around the player with the help of the Kinect software. So, aside from the player it can also sense the presence of other things like the living room table, plants and even your pets within its range of view. With the Xbox Kinect’s advanced technology, it can track at least six people simultaneously making the gaming experience fun with friends and family. It does not matter if you have a wide or a congested space, as long as you are within the range of 3.9 to 11 feet the fun is still set for you to enjoy Kinect games.

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As complex as it may seem, the Xbox Kinect’s goal is simple, to bring in high technology fun into the comforts of your own living room. Your gaming experience will break the boundaries of button bashing and wired limits. The Xbox Kinect is the next generation of gaming. There are games to watch out for and there are reliable Kinect accessories in the market today to add up to its look and durability.


by Marry Anne F Hawkins