How to Burn Xbox 360 Games – Magic Software to Crack the Xbox Copyright

A lot of Xbox gamers want to know about how to burn Xbox 360 games. Is it really possible to burn it? Yes, but in basically you should know all of Xbox 360 games have the copyright protection and you cannot copy that game by using the general burning software.

Why do the gamers want know about how to burn Xbox 360 games? Most of them burn it for using the Xbox backup disk instead of the Xbox original disk. Because the original disk will be damaged easily after it was played often. Using the Xbox 360 backup disk is better and you can copy the new one if it is broken.

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How to burn Xbox 360 games?

Today, there is good news for the gamers, with the high technology the programmer can make the burning software which can crack the Xbox copyright protection on Xbox games. And you can have the Xbox 360 backup disk easily as I will tell you step-by-step.

  1. Make sure your PC has the burner drive.
  2. Buy the Xbox burning software that is very popular on the internet, you can find it easily at the website “ClickBank”.
  3. Install the program in your PC. The program icon will be shown on desktop.
  4. Open the burning program and insert the original game in the burner tray.
  5. The program will crack the copyright protection and burn Xbox 360 game automatically.
  6. Insert the empty disk and wait for a while, the data will be copied onto the empty disk automatically.
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It is ready and you can play the game by using the Xbox backup disk.


by David Meijer