Allow A Towel? The Xbox 360 Towel Technique Resolve Method

If you see three rings of death flash on the power key on your Xbox console, it only means that your console is regarding to suffer an inappropriate death. However, there are some things you may make to bring it back to being – various fast fixes primarily. The most significant of these brief fixes so far is the Xbox 360 towel trick fix method.

You will notice lots of means on the Internet on how you the Xbox 360 towel sort out is done. But what is the real score on this brief sort out approach?

The red ring towel trick is made by first removing the controllers to your Xbox. Also, eliminate the connecting wires with the exception of the control cable. Enclose the console box with three towels and leave it for 25 minutes or so. Leave it cool and then place the control aside on another time.

The ring of death towel trick became known since of overheating problems that are basically definitely common of Xbox 360 consoles. And while you can do it yourself, fact that is, the Xbox 360 red lights towel technique really doesn’t resolve anything. That’s since the concern that the towel approach is trying to resolve is any that stays deep within the box, that is, since of overheating, the soldering on the motherboard turned out to be loose (Microsoft’s Xbox soldering certain weak than the mature soldering approach because it is lead-free).

  • Xbox 360 towel trick fix method.
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The Xbox’s strong and strong central processing unit (CPU) affects the three red lights. The gaming console’s CPU is famous to overheat, leading the soldered application to the GPU or Graphics Processing Unit to overheat. The connection to the circuit panel does smash, and that’s when you find out the dreaded three red lights. Using the towel approach, the heat is supposed to raise so that the soldering heats up and expands, causing the parts to connect to every other another time.

A strong CPU have to, in fact, be amazing information (a strong CPU means a powerful gaming accept), but the fact is, since of a compromise in the warm sink, lots of Xbox consoles tend to overheat specifically on a warm day – your console can go as high as 100 degrees, Centigrade, not Fahrenheit.

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But no problem how impressive the intention, the truth is, the towel approach also causes the console’s motherboard to heat up, and you’re certainly placing your house on the way of fire.

A better choose to attach your parts is to open the console and use a soldering iron to reconnect the parts, or you may try another quick sort out that you may find on an Xbox guide. If you admit issues understanding instructions or are simply excessively lazy or excessively busy to make any reconstruct yourself, then send you gaming console to a service center. Prepare yourself psychologically, however, because you won’t be considering your Xbox for at least four weeks. If your device is covered by extended warranty, then you certainly don’t absorb to cost a cent, but if you voided the warranty, then you might acquire to shell out $140. Forget concerning that Xbox 360 towel technique approach fix.


by David Shell