XBox 360 Red Circle of Death – Why? And How to Repair It

You are all set to play your favorite game and what do you see but the Xbox 360 red circle of death! Now, I know it is very frustrating, but don’t go pulling out your hair or anything! Keep on reading to find that relief is in sight! You CAN repair it easily!

Of course, if your XBox 360 is still under warranty, then by all means, send your XBox to support to have them fix it. Unless you don’t feel like waiting 4 weeks for it!

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Ok, moving on. One of the main causes of the XBox 360 red circle of death is overheating due to a sub-adequate ventilation system and a lot of heat producing components put into a small area.

To help keep your XBox 360 is good condition and hopefully preventing the problem, place your XBox 360 on a stand by itself with lots of space around it for it to breathe. If you feel the box getting hot, you can try placing a fan near the Xbox and having it provide a constant breeze to help cool the XBox.

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Now that you know that a main cause is overheating, you will most likely understand why the towel method is not a very good method to use. You don’t want to fry your XBox 360! The towel method is where you wrap your XBox with a towel and let it overheat until the solder inside the XBox starts to melt to that any missed connections are reset. As you can imagine, that temperature can get pretty high.


by A Yang