Quantum Ocean is the Mind of God

Mind Of God

The New Age that we are now in, the Age of Aquarius is also the Age of the Mind.

One of the gifts of the New Age is the Laws of Quantum Physics. These Laws tell us that there exists an infinite Ocean of Thinking Energy called the Quantum Ocean. In Reality, it is the Mind of the Creator God. If you want to enter the Mind of God you simply have to enter the Quantum Ocean.

Since the dawn of time man has prayed and beseeched help from one God or a Pantheon of Gods one after another. With what success rate?

Gods and a pantheon of Gods come and go in predetermined cycles. These cycles are determined by the movements of our Solar System through the Galaxy.

As a Solar System, we revolve counter clockwise around our Galactic Sun. It takes approximately 241,000 years to make the great cycle around the Galactic Sun. The ancients called this “The Great Year.”

But every 2000 years we move through lesser cycles. We call these 2000 year cycles “Ages.”

We have just left the “Age of Pisces.” (0 – 2000 AD) and here the Christian Gods held sway. Before that it was the Roman and before that the Greek Gods. Before that it was the Egyptian Gods. They are all gone or will be in the case of Christianity.

They only exist in the minds and hearts, the sacred artifacts, temples and sacred places. But as far as being the power behind any particular Age; Piscean -Christianity; Aries-Rome; Taurus- Greek; etc. they no longer exist.

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They do however exist in the Quantum Ocean, Mind of Gd where everything that ever was, is or will be exists. Since there is no time in the Quantum Ocean, only the NOW, all the old Gods exist there now.

But…. they had their 2000 year cycle where they blinked out of the Quantum Ocean and into Physical Reality of man. But alas, they have blinked back in.

Who knows when the cycle to ‘blink out’ will come around again? Or has it and the they have ‘blinked out’ into a a different physical reality than the one that you and I exist in?

In the Age of Aquarius, we do not need Gods/Goddess’s to show us what to do. Oh we can build inner circles within our own part of the Quantum Ocean and create a round table where we can invite them to sit and join us. But we don’t need them.

The Laws of Quantum Physics have given us access right into the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God. We now have the power to co-create our destiny.

Why is it that for the past 2000 years millions of men have gone to war and have died? Despite the desperate prayers of millions of mothers, daughters and wives? Thy were sincere and devout in their novenas, rosaries, masses and prayers. They filled the churches, synagogues, mosques. Why were their pleas not answered?

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Could it be that they did not use the correct procedure or method? Could it be that the purpose of Gods are to guide and teach and not to interfere and do things for us? Could it be that Gods have really done nothing for us, including dying” But they did show us how to die.

What if all the mothers, wives and daughters knew about the Laws of Quantum Physics and the Quantum Ocean? What if they understood that thoughts are things and that the Mind of God responds to our thoughts?

What if they learned how to enter the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God and thought the right thoughts right there and took the energy of these right thoughts, contacting their sons who also exist in the Quantum Ocean and used this energy to directly protect them from harm.

They could do this with no middle man. No Church, Synagogue or Mosque. No Candles or wordy novenas.

Just enter the Quantum Ocean where you and your son exists and pick out the energies you want and surround him or her with them.

This is the age we are entering. The Age of the Mind. No more believing what others tell us. Learn how to enter the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God and move around in it for yourself. Build your own spiritual reality not another’s.


by Ellis Peterson