How to Clean and Clear Gemstones Using Radionics

When you first acquire a gemstone such as a diamond, ruby, sapphire or emerald, the stone may have a clear and brilliant shine, and you may feel a certain subtle energy from it. If you buy it new and you are the first owner, this may be the case. However, over time, this same stone may become dull and lifeless. If a gem has had a previous owner, it may already have lost its shine.

What to do? You can try polishing it, but often polishing will not bring a stone back to a like-new shine. Why is that?

To answer that question we need to briefly dip into a science called quantum physics. Until recently, quantum physics was just too “out there” for most people to even try to make heads or tails of. Thanks to recent movies such as “What the Bleep Do We Know?” and “The Secret,” we have evolved in our consciousness to the point that this is no longer such an intimidating subject.

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You see, we live in a world in which our awareness interacts with the quantum world in an almost Alice in Wonderland-like manner.

Although maybe you weren’t aware of it, one of the amazing things about a good gemstone is its innate ability to absorb our negative thoughts. You can find a great deal of information about this in books or internet articles on the properties of gems. This remarkable negative-energy transfer eventually causes the gem to lose some of its brilliance. So, although that dull look is not in your imagination, it may have resulted from some bad things you imagined.

It often takes a generation or two for a fundamental scientific discovery to make its way into our awareness so we can all benefit from it. The interface between our consciousness and quantum physics started out as a science called “radionics.” There is a lot of information about radionics at

The science of radionics has evolved over the last generation. One of the most advanced devices that allows you to use this research is a radionic instrument called the SE-5 Plus. The SE-5 is a small portable computer with a user-interface called a stick plate and a slot that connects the unit to the physical world called an input plate.

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This input plate is what you use to clear the stone or gem. The procedure is actually quite simple and you’ll be amazed at how the stone can become much more brilliant right before your eyes, once again sending off the gorgeous sparkles it did when new. The simple procedure takes only a few minutes and can be repeated as often as needed.

By using this technology (the SE-5 Plus) you will have balanced the gemstone so that all the negativity it had taken on has been transmuted. This will cause the gem to return to its highly vibrating like-new state.


by Don Paris