Another Thought on Quantum Jumping

When we heard the expression quantum jumping the first time, we were very sceptical. Actually we couldn’t imagine anything including. Quantum physics, quantum success – intelligent cells?

But we were curious about it.

And then, an elderly gentleman, who apparently has reached quite a lot in his life, reported from parallel universes and additional egos, which had successfully achieved what I want in life.

Quite honestly, our scepticism grew. But somehow, there was also a little voice in our ears: “What if he’s right? What if quantum jumping works? Finally he was successful and he realized things in his life very fast. And no things, one could do in such a short time period under normal circumstances.

The chance to achieve anything you dreamed of in your life is something deeply gratifying.

Really? Well, that is probably already the first difficulty with the change in our personality and the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

Ask yourself – do you treat yourself to those dreams? Or are they only dreams you chasing behind? And if they are not only dreams – what are you willing to do for them? How much would you invest in them?

I suppose, if anyone would suggest you – do this job, invest in this business and you will become the happiest person on earth, you would do it, wouldn’t you?

Well, therein lies the second tangle. We are always looking for acknowledgement and the answers to our problems and situations, in the exterior. But actually, we are moving away from the most appropriate solution by doing so.

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Back to Burt Goldman – The whole thing works every time. Tell me what you want me to become, and within a few days I’m perfect in doing it. Sounds utopian, doesn’t it? But apparently it always worked for him.

How does he do it? To put it simply – he listens only to himself, to his alternative versions of himself, because…

What would you say if I told you (in all seriousness) that the keys to everything you’ve ever wanted in life: success, talent, wealth, health, happiness, beach houses, lie hidden in alternate versions of the universe we live in?

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But even if you don’t believe in parallel universes, alternative egos and all this stuff, I think this program will help you anyway. It will help you to communicate with yourself and to search and find the solution for your life within yourself.

Burt Goldman says…

I see it as discovering your true potential. A potential you could never possibly have achieved, had you not got in touch with the Universal You, the You that you were always meant to be.

And this technique is called Quantum Jumping.

Let us give you a small example – one time he asked his students what they want him to master till next week. And one of them demanded: “Become a real good photographer.” He agreed to learn the necessary skills in only a few days.

Anyone who has ever taken photos will know that it is quite tricky to find the right motive, the right adjustment and above all, the right light to take the ideal picture. This requires a lot of experience, often acquired over years.

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After the weekend he came back to his students and presented them an impressive, incomparable photo collage. He had somehow managed to learn the necessary skills in an astonishing manner, within a few days.

Fantastic, isn’t it? What do you think? Would you be willing to fulfil all of your dreams? Do you have the courage to make your way by only listening to your inner voice and stay true to yourself?

You might be simply afraid to fail on your own way? Honestly, it was never a shame to fall, but only to remain lying down.

A good friend of mine use to say: “Are you an eagle flying in the sky or a chicken that scratches in the earth and cackles?” The decision is yours now.

Honestly – we do not really know how quantum jumping works. And we are not quite sure whether it has to do with parallel universes and additional egos – but somehow it seems to work at all – and it is worth a try. What if it fails? You are still on the place and in the same situation you are now.

But what if it works?… Could you imagine how this could transform your life?

Just check it out for yourself… and decide if it is worth a try.

Just have a fantastic time.


by Enrico Golias