How to hack WiFi in Telugu ||WiFi hacking tutorial part 1 | Video

in this video i will tell u about capturing the packets from any WiFi router..and how to analyze it

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How to install Kali Linux in pen drive:

Hacking tutorial for beginners in telugu part 3:

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top 15 opearating systems about hacking:

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  1. Nice bro anna nenu vera valla wifi wps button puss chesi connect chesukunanu nenu athaniki telise avakasham undha ledha and wps button puss cheyadam vala admin password chenge autudha plz tell bro

  2. Hi bro,
    i,m getting this error

    "airmon-ng wlan0mon"
    ls: cannot access '/sys/class/ieee80211/': No such file or directory

    usage: airmon-ng <start|stop|check> <interface> [channel or frequency]

  3. Anna nenu adapater konnanu insert chesanu kani vm ware lo iwconfing ani type chesa naku no wireless extension ani vasthundi em cheyali anna???

  4. Bro chinna help nee dhagara unna oka computer Windows formate chesi CD tho Kali Linux install video che bro ninu nee patha Linux video chusa kani naku Ela kavali plz bro Aala formate cheyali aala install cheyali total video che bro

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