Rune Berkana + Norse Goddess Frigga + Quantum Physics = Protection for Home and Children

Frigga is the Northern European's Goddess of the home, fertility, love, motherhood and protection.

Women with or without children need the protective vibrations of the Goddess Frigga and the energies of her powerful Berkana Rune in their lives and homes. The chaotic, destructive energies of the media and the politically correct society are doing their best to destroy the home, the family and the role of Northern European women.

Protect yourself, your children and your home. Counter these destructive energies with periodic Frigga Blots. Plus a strong rapport with the Goddess Frigga herself.

Runes and the Goddesses of the North are still very powerful and just bringing them into your home will have a healing effect and act as a protective buffer. How many millions of people have crosses, icons and crescents in their homes for protection? We as Northern European also need our powerful symbols and icons.


There are three runes associated with the Goddess Frigga.

Rune Fehu

Rune Pertho

Rune Berkana


In this blot we want protection for women and the home. We will use only one rune in this blot. Berkana Rune. It is very powerful and will act like a magical amulet for you, your children and your home.


Frigga is the All-Mother, wife of Odin.

She is the goddess of the home, family, fertility, love, motherhood, domestic affairs and ease of transition (dying.)

Frigga is as powerful as Odin and is the only god / goddess allowed to sit in Odin's high seat Hlidskjalf when he is not there. She can look out over the whole universe from there. There is nothing she does not know. But she is called the silent Goddess for she does not speak of what she knows.

Frigga's children are Thor, Balder and Hodar.

Her stepchildren are Heimdal, Tyr, Vidan and Skljoldr.

Her magical tool is the distaff. And her animal totem is the goose.

The constellation Orion's Belt is known as Frigga's Distaff. The rotating stars at night are her spinning wheel. It is said that Frigga uses her spinning wheel to weave the clouds. She also sits at her spindle weaving the destinies of men and gods alike at the beginning of each new year.

If you wish the ask Frigga about your destiny first build a rapport with her and her Berkana rune. She may tell you. But be careful. She knows all the destinies of men, women and gods. She knew the destiny of her son Balder. She knew he would die, and try as she would, with all her powers, she could not stop it. Do you really want to know your destiny? Ask her. I am content to let mine works itself out.

Frigga's name means LOVE. She lives in Fensalir which means "Marsh Halls.

In Scandinavia the blessing of Frigga is still invoked for birthing women with a white candle, with the Berkana Rune etched in its side. The candle is used as a charm to ensure a safe delivery.


EIR —– Goddess of Healing.

HLIN —– Goddess of Protection.

GNA —– Messanger Goddess.

FULLA —– Fertility Goddess.


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Ask Yourself: Why do you want to perform a Frigga Blot?

Why do you want Frigga in your life?

In the 100+ pages I have written about Runes and Blots, there is a repeating theme.

To be great — Concentrate.

Each goddess has a variety of powers and functions, as does each of the runes. During a blot, choose one rune, one goddess, one keyword to pour your mental energies into. This is how the energies are stored in the Quantum Ocean (MInd of God) where all energies exist. The more specific you are with your thoughts of what you want to do, the more powerful and successful will the blot be.

The Laws of Quantum Physics have taught us that thoughts are things. Our thoughts are projected into the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) where they pick up creative energies and materialize them back into our lives.

You must be careful of what and how you think. You must know why you want to attract the energies of Frigga into your life.

Goddesses cannot do anything for us. That is not how it works. What does work is for you to attract the energies that the goddesses herself uses out of the quantum ocean (mind of god) and into your life. You cannot become Frigga but you can become Frigga-like.

You can recreate your life using the Goddess Runes which are Universal Creative Energies and the Laws of Quantum Physics which tell us that thoughts are things.

We, the Northern Europeans, discovered the runes, the Laws of Quantum Physics and the Laws of Mental Radionics. Let us use them to create a better world for ourselves and our children and grandchildren. Our children are our most precious possessions.

Use the runes to create!

Neitzsche said:

"Hail her who creates new dances.

Let's dance a thousand tunes.

Our art should be free,

And our sciences joyful. "


Frigga is the women's goddess. I can only share so much information about her with you because I am a man and she won't tell me. But you as a woman can build (and should build in these chaotic times) a strong relationship with her. She may just share her secrets with you.

Whatever woman's problems you may have, stresses and worries, inharmonious relationships etc, invoke Frigga. Invoke her to insure an easy and perfect childbirth. Use the white candle ritual. You may want to place a Berkana rune symbol on the stomach.

But mostly in today's chaotic world your children and your home need the protection of Frigga and Rune Berkana.


Again I try to keep all blots simple. They were designed for the modern day Asatruer who does not want to go the woods loaded down with ritualistic tools and outdated Viking rituals. Vikings cannot help us now with their axes and swords. Our minds and our runes and our sciences can.

This is for women who want to work alone in the privacy of their own home with modern 21st century rituals. This is what you are going to do. Attract Frigga's protective energies using the Rune Berkana, out of the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) and into your aura.

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Let us begin!

Sit quietly in your favorite chair. Relax. Hold the Berkana Rune (print it our from bottom of page) in your lap. Look at it and meditate on it. Your mind (Mental Radionics) will make the connection between the Frigga runic energies in the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) and you.

Take a deep breath and breathe in the Berkana runic energies. Use your imagination to see these white protective energies flowing from Frigga in the Quantum Ocean to you.

Intone mentally to yourself:

"I am now inhaling the energy of Frigga's Berkana runes out of the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) and into my aura.


Inhale and intone.


Inhale and intone.


Three time for three is a magical number of the Northern gods / goddesses.

Your aura is now full of the protective energy of Frigga's Berkana rune.

Relax and enjoy its peaceful, healing energies.

Now take a deep breath and exhale. At the same time visualize the protective energies of Frigga pouring out of your Pinal Gland (third eye) in the middle of your forehead. Here is a very powerful secret that few know or practice. Every organ in our body has a particular function. Our Pituitary gland in the top of our heads is for receiving higher energy, like the energy that comes out or the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God.) Our Pinal gland in the center of our forehead is for sending this energy out into the physical world .

Modern doctors know very little about these two spiritual glands, because they have lost their spirituality. The curse of our times. To use as an analogy: We receive God's powerful energy, out of the Quantum Ocean, and into the top of our heads our pituitary gland. We distribute this energy into the physical world through our pinal gland.

As above, so below.

All great magicians, healers and shamans know this. It is only now due to the discovery of the Laws of Quantum Physics that we have it. As you are mentally pouring this energy out of your pineal gland intone:

"I am now sending the protective energy of Frigga to surround my home and grounds with a sphere of white light."

See your whole home and grounds surrounded by Frigga's protective white light.

3 times.

Now take a deep breath and exhale this protective light to each of your children and grandchildren.


"I am now sending Frigga's protective energies to surround (name) and keep him / her safe all day."

3 times for each child and grandchild. Give a mental thanks to Frigga and go about your business with the assurance that you, your home, your children and your grandchildren are protected.

Do this as often as you like. Build a powerful rapport with Frigga. It is cumulative. She awaits your attention.


No Dogma.

No Ritualistic Tools.

Just you an energy being.

Frigga an energy goddess.

Rune Berkana an Universal Creative Energy.

Rune Berkana, plus Goddess Frigga plus the Laws of Quantum Physics and Mental Radionics bring protection for you and your loved ones into your life.


Source by Ellis Peterson