Women Attract Passion and Sensual Love With Magical Runes + Quantum Physics


Attract sensual love, marriage, passion, femininity and protection with the runic energies of the Norse Goddess Freya.

Freya is known as the Goddess of Love and War. She is the Goddess of magic, fertility, love, beauty and attraction. Freya's also the goddess of prophecies and wealth.

So you can see the power and variety of energies you can attract to yourself when doing a Rune Asatru Freya Blot.

Which energies of Freya do you want in your life?

You can have it by choosing the correct runes and its runic energy out of the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God).

Lory and I are trying to combine the Ancient Wisdom of the Runes with the 21st century science of the Laws of Quantum Physics. We need to bring the gods / goddesses and the runes of our ancestors into the NOW! We are not vikings fighting in the woods. We are civilized 21st century man and woman and we need 21st century tools.


Quantum Physics tells us that there exists an infinite ocean of energy called the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God). In this infinite ocean everything that ever was, is and will be exists.

There is no time in the Quantum Ocean. Only the NOW!

The gods / goddesses of the North all exist there, ready to be contacted by you.

The runes and their creative energies exist there, ready to be used by you.

The runes are very powerful Creative Universal Energies.

This infinite ocean of energy is an ocean of thinking stuff.

The Laws of Attraction and the Laws of Mental Radionics tell us our thoughts affect this Quantum Ocean.

What ever you think into the Quantum Ocean will be manifested back to you in your physical reality.


All you now need is the methodology to attract these energies out of the Quantum Ocean and into your life.

Thinking of the runes, meditating upon the runes, breathing in the runes and rune magic are the methodologies.


Freya is one of the most popular goddesses in the pantheon of Northern Goddesses.

Recently a poll taken in Denmark revealed that the name Freya was the fifth most popular name given to Danish girls at birth.

Many farms in Norway have FREY — (Freyland) as the first element in their names.


"Njord in children: the son was called Frey, and the daughter Freya. They were fair of face and mighty. Freya is most known of the goddesses. She has in Asgard the dwelling called Folkvangr.

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Whenever she rides to the strife she collects one-half of the kill and odin gets the other half.

"Her hall Sessrumnr is great and fair. When she goes forth, she drives her cats and sits in a chariot. It is good to call on her for furtherance in love."

Her husband OD went on a long journey and did not return. Freya wept tears of gold. She put on her magical cloak made of falcon feathers that allowed her to travel far and fast in search for him. In vain.


Freya's magical necklace Brisingamen was stolen by Loki. Freya enlisted Heimdal to get it back from Loki. He did and became known as the foe of Loki and fought him at the Battle of Ragnarok.

Throughout the myths giants and trolls lusted after Freya because of her beauty. Thor had to intervene with his magic hammer Mjollnir several times and kill them to protect her.

Nothing has changed they still lust after fair and beautiful women.

Many feel that Freya is the counterpart of Venus and Aphrodite. But she is much, much more. She has a combination of attributes no known goddess possesses. Love plus war.

Freya is a warrior goddess and the goddess of sensual love. She is a spectacular beauty known for her love of romantic music and flower arrangements.


Freya is extremely powerful and adept in the ways of war. She goes onto the battlefield and takes up the souls of half of the bravest warriors. They spend their afterlife in her home in rest and recuperation. Freya always invites their wives and lovers to come live with them.

When Freya and the Valkyries ride into battle the light off of their armor causes the Aurora Borealis or northern lights.


Goddesses cannot do anything for you. But you can attract out of the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) the same energies that the goddess uses.

You cannot become Freya, but you can become Freya-like, possessing her energies.

This is the big mistake that many of the modern day vikings make. They want the gods / goddesses to help them and do for them. This is not their role. We are supposed to become god-like and act and possess their powers ourselves. And do it ourselves.

A master sergeant will not do it for you. But he will show you how to get skillful like himself and then you can do it yourself.


There are two very powerful runes associated with Freya. Since she is the goddess of Love and War, their are separate runes for love and war.

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RUNE ALGIZ – The Rune of the Valkyries, the rune of protection.

If and when you need the protection of Rune Algiz in your life, then perform a Rune Asatru Freya Protection Blot.

Remember when performing a rune meditation, rune yoga exercise, rune breathing exercise of rune magical ritual only use one rune and one rune key word at a time. Don't scatter your energies.

RUNE YR — For attracting more femininity, sensual love and passion.

We will dedicate the following Rune Asatru Freya Blot to the Rune YR. The protection blot will be given on another webpage dedicated to Valkyries>

Copy the Rune YR from the bottom of this page or use our own.

Here is what the blot will do: The goddess Freya exists in the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God). So does the runic energies of Rune YR.

You will attract these energies out of the Quantum Ocean (Mind of God) and into your aura. What ever energies you carry in your aura will attract the same from the physical world around you.

Rune YR will project the energies of femininity, attraction, sensual love, passion into your world. You will become more feminine, attract sensual love and passion in return.


Sit comfortably in your favorite chair. Hold the rune YR in your lap. Look at it, meditate on it. Your mind through the laws of Mental Radionics will make the connection between you and the YR energies in the Quantum Ocean.

Take a deep breath and intone:

"I am now inhaling the divine energies of sensual love, passion and femininity from the Rune YR in the Quantum Ocean and into my aura."

Use your powers of imagination and see Freya holding her Rune YR and sending the energies to you.

Three is a magic number, so do the inhaling and intonation three times.

You have now successfully filled your aura with passion, femininity and sensual love. They will radiate out into your world and bring back people, places and events that will fulfill them.

Give Freya a thanks and get up and go about your business. Do not have any doubts or fears that you will not attract femininity, passion and sensual love into your life. It will slow things down. You have invoked the Laws of the Runes, the Laws of Quantum Physics and the Laws of Mental Radionics.



Source by Lory Martin