XBox 360 Red Ring Of Death Codes

The red Ring of Death shows on almost over 1/5th of all Xbox 360 consoles. The following is a listing of the codes given to the errors caused by the red lights based on how many flash on the console. Find out the problem and read further to find the answers to your problems.

Error codes when two red lights show:

There are no error codes for them as the two appear only as a result of overheating. In this case it is observed that the console works for barely 15 minutes and ceases to continue working thereafter.

Error codes when three red lights show:

0001, 0002: both indicate to having problems with power supply

0010, 0011, 0012, 0013: overheating is the problem

0022: it is the GPU Error also referred to as GPU Overheating

0102: an unknown error

0110: known as Memory Error possibly caused due to overheating

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1003, 1010: both are hard Drive errors

1022: the AV cable error

Error codes when 4 red lights show:

There aren’t any codes. This is because the only reason why all the red lights show is when the console is unable to place the AV cables. By ensuring that the cables are properly connected you can treat the problem. If that doesn’t help, then try changing the AV cables to new ones.

How to gather codes:

It is a simple process of just being able to read the signals given by your console while it displays the 3 red lights. Activate your console first and watch till the lights start to flash. Holding the button that syncs, push the eject button. Observe carefully, as the console will give you the first number of your code. If 4 lights are flashing, then the code is 0. 3 lights, the code is 1. 2 lights, the code is 2. When 1 light flashes, the code is 1. Continue the process to get the second, third and fourth numbers to decipher the codes by releasing and re jamming the eject button without letting go of the sync button.

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Solving the problem of the Red Ring of Death:

There are many different methods to fix the problem of the 3 red rings. One major approach is to visit the website that shows on the error screen that is if there is one. Or try opening the same page, which is that of the Xbox Support site. This site will guide you in getting your 360 fixed for sure but will charge you around $100 and the process of repair will take not less than a month.


by Alex Kidd