Xbox 360 Red Screen – Fix Xbox 360 Red Screen of Death

Got the Xbox 360 red screen of death problem? Want this problem to be fixed? Basically, if you want this problem to be gone, you can perform a fix on your console on 2 ways.

1. Send your console over to Microsoft.

2. Fix the problem yourself with a repair guide.

Xbox 360 Red Screen Fix By Microsoft?

This options sound pretty good…Right…? Well, if you want my opinion… It’s a big waste of your time, and your money. When you actually send your console over for repairs, you will have to pay $150 if your warranty has been expired.

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Another thing that’s really, really bad is the fact that you will have to wait for literally weeks. You’ll have to wait for 3-8 weeks before your Xbox 360 red screen error will be fixed.

Xbox 360 Red Screen Fix By Myself With A Repair Guide?

That’s right, and it’s definitely do-able. In fact, many people who have done this, have found it easier to repair their console by themselves then they thought it would’ve be. You see, when you do this, you will have 2 major advantages. You won’t have to wait for weeks, and you won’t have to pay $150 for the repairs. Also, this option can be made quite easy to do… How…? Use an Xbox 360 red screen repair guide.

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When you use a repair guide, you will basically get step by step instructions. The instructions are easy to understand, and it’s also coming along with highly detailed photo’s and you will get step by step explanation by videos.


by Stephan Vrugteman