Nivimancy and Kryomancy – Using Ice and Snow in Divination

For some reason this form of divination is very little explored. I suppose people haven’t been thinking that ice and snow suit very well to divination. I have myself created all the methods described here.

New fallen snow can be used the same way as sand in Geomancy. Animals will leave their prints on the snow and these prints can be read. You can also take a stick and punch holes in random on the snow, and then use Geomancy rules to interpret the result.

Take home a handful of snow and let it melt on a clean, plane surface. Look at what was in the snow. There will always be small “impurities”, like ash, insects, seeds and plant particles. There is always the possibility that you find something surprising in the snow, anything from lost golden rings to dog poop.

Ice cubes can be used in divination several ways.

Melting ice cubes and snow form pools of water. Interpret the form of the pool.

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Take some ice cubes, as many as there are possible answers to your questions, assign an answer to each cube and let them melt. The cube that melts first is the answer to your question.

You can also write the answers or an oracle symbol in strips of paper, scroll each strip into a ball and put them each into their own hole of an ice cube tray, let it freeze and then let it melt. You can let these ice cubes melt too, and take the answer from the first one to melt, or pop the ice cubes into a bowl and pick one.

Just remember that the strips will be soaking wet, so use durable paper, like wax paper, and waterproof pen.

These could also be used as a party favor or trick, similar to fortune cookies.

You can also use small charms, like with Christmas Pudding, fortune cakes or Scandinavian Christmas porridge. Take an amount of small items, and assign a divination meaning to each one. In the porridge, almonds are usually used, but also a bit of apple for health, a small coin for money, a ring for marriage, heart for love and so on. Use your imagination. It might be funnier to find a small charm in your drink than a wet strip of paper.

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You can also hide small items into snowballs, pick one and let it melt so that you can see what you got. And easy “yes or not” divination is done by hiding something black (or any color of your preferences) for “no”, and something white for “yes”. Stones are usually used for this kind of divination. If you use stones, you don’t need to wait until the snow has melted, you can break the snowball right away with your hands and reveal the answer. You could also use the “Witches’ Oracle” stones, or hide runes into the snowballs.


by Ketutar Jensen