Using the I Ching for A Flourishing Career

This technique is extremely simple but extremely effective. For an introduction to using the I Ching and the three coin method, please take a look at my other articles on the subject. For this technique, it’s necessary to understand the three coin method, but also to understand the retrospective three coin method or rtcm that is talked about by Carol Anthony in her books about the I Ching. To summarize, the I Ching is an ancient book that can be used, along with tools of divination, to help guide you on your journey through life. In order to consult the I Ching, you must have some sort of divination method, the simplest being the three coin method.

To use the three coin method, you must have… you guessed it: three coins! Toss the coins six times in order to form a hexagram, and then also create the inverse hexagram. Look up the hexagrams in the I Ching and read the corresponding text. Then use the rtcm method to check your interpretation. Once again, for a greater explanation of how to do this, refer to my other articles. It’s so easy to use the I Ching to help you with your job and your career… AND your business. This is how.

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In the case of a job, before each and every workday or each shift, simply consult the I Ching with the question: “What can I do to make sure that this workday/shift goes as smoothly as possible?” Or whatever variation of this question that feels right to you. Form your hexagrams, and read the chapters and text on the changing lines… don’t forget to use the rtcm method also to check your interpretation, as this is the really important part that makes it all come together. When it comes to the long-term health of your career with this particular company, simply consult the I Ching using the question: “What can I do to make sure that my career with ‘such and such’ company goes as smoothly as possible?” Or whatever variation of that question that you prefer.

When it comes to your own business, it works in much the same way… However, this is where the change in your thinking has to come about. When you pose the question, you should pose it like this: “What can I do to make sure that this workday with my business goes as smoothly as possible?” Don’t ask: “What can I do today to make my business make money?” or, “How can I make money with my business today?” Instead, think about your business as if it was your job… since that’s what you want it to be, think about putting in single days of work for the company, and slowly your business may just become your dream job. Of course, you can ask any question you want with the I Ching and you WILL find wisdom in it, but this is the really important key thing that I discovered: making your business or career work is about putting in individual days of solid work and effort, not about leaping to achieve a certain result all at once. Always think about the task at hand, and be patient. Each day of work forms a chain… and each day you work you improve upon and build upon the previous days. Remember: it’s about the work itself, as the work is what forms the result. This change in thinking will revolutionize your job, your career, and/or your own business.

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by Alex Taylor