Sex Is the Power Driving Terrorism – Wake Up World

Muslim terrorists are focused on Paradise and the women that Allah will provide for them along with a great place to live in. This is highlighted by a young man’s desire for sex, which is largely forbidden for females under their religious code prior to marriage. That makes them desirous of the ‘other-world’ and the promises fed to them. My reincarnation and knowledge that such a place does not exist shows how vulnerable the young are to performing criminal acts for self-benefits.

With the rate of suicide bombings and mass shootings that end in death for the perpetrator their actions are beyond understanding for the majority who witness them. The victims are also not targeted necessarily because they are unbelievers as many are also Muslim. The question is then what is going on?

Some believe that it is loneliness or displacement that drives terrorists but the facts are it is their religion. They are brainwashed from birth and indoctrinated into accepting that life on earth is but a step towards eternal bliss. They can, therefore, choose to end it rather than live in a world of hate and problems.

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Such discontent is fed by the over-population of their countries, poverty and cultural differences, and their own feelings of self-importance inherited from the misconceptions within their families. These are people who believe that death is far more desirable than life and that everything good would come as a result of their sacrifice.

This thinking borders on insanity while children so indoctrinated are traumatised and mentally abused by the religious leaders who control their brains. Female children are likewise indoctrinated into servitude and are likely to be killed or exiled if a man rapes them or they are caught with a man while otherwise alone outside of marriage.

Why does the rest of the world sit back and allow such religious prejudice and hate to pervade societies where people are dying because of it? What is the counter-measure that we should take to remove it? These are problems associated with allowing the religions that breed this type of thinking to flourish.

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While heaven and hell are non-existent lies born of sun-worship it means that all religions border on fraud. They are the product of Islam, the system of indoctrination in Babylon from whence they have grown. There the sun-star was called ‘Mary’ and men believed they could ‘marry’ Mary and raise themselves up on sun-beams if they died on the cross at dawn. This is where the idea of having women in Paradise was derived. It’s now the power behind the use of sex to drive terrorism.


by Norma Holt