Morning MeditOcean — A Guided Meditation with the Jellies | Video

Good morning everyone. Please enjoy this guided meditocean with our Pacific sea nettles ❤️?

Let us know if you’d want more of this kind of video in the future! Trying out a few things during these stressful times. We will try to post a new one at 8am PST through Friday this week. Thanks everyone, be well.

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  1. Awesome Beauty and Grace of Nature.. Heart, and entire Being is filled with tremendous gratitude. Thank you. ?? Yes, please, more!

  2. Everything about this meditation was perfect, your voice, words, and of course the images. Absolutely breathtaking. Thank you. ? to see more.

  3. Such a great idea! We do a similar type of relaxation video on our youtube site and I think it is very helpful to relax with nature during these anxious times.

  4. Thank you so much for this. It brought such a sense of peace. I'm sending a link to everyone I know! Please continue producing more of this kind of video.

  5. Thank you for sharing. This exhibit is my favorite every time I go to the aquarium. Their slow and graceful movements calm my brain waves 🙂

  6. YES – this is fantastic and a great gift at this crazy and difficult time. There are so many different tanks that would be perfect for this – Kelp tank for example. I would watch, meditate and share everyday

  7. Please continue with these wonderful videos – this is one of the first times I have found it "easy" to meditate without a lot of "parasite" thoughts interfering. The voice is perfect; the music; the movements – wow, you have found a way to get to a place of peace. Thank you so much.

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