Text Message Terrorism – Why You Won’t Get Your Ex Back?

With an overdrive of emotions and the desire to get your ex back, mistakes are readily available to stand in your way creating your path back to your ex to be more difficult. Even if you tell yourself you’ll never become one of those girls that pines for her ex after a breakup, you’ll be surprised when the one you think you’re supposed to spend the rest of your life with decides to break it off. You might even end up falling to this folly: Text Message Terrorism.

Most relationships can be saved if two people are willing to work together and set aside their differences. Sometimes all that’s needed is time. However, when you’re scared for your relationship life you’re likely to think that you need to do whatever you can to keep your ex from moving on and always remembering you and that you love him/her. It’s easy to let TMT become a ruining factor in your relationship and often, it ruins any chances of getting back your ex instead of the reverse.

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So what is this nasty virus that you should avoid? Basically text message terrorism is sending a flurry of texts, emails, voicemails or any other virtual form of contacting your ex. TMT only becomes a factor when you cross the line of too much. Contacting your ex should be basic communication and usually that should even wait some time for both of you to cool off.

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Too much contact is when your ex receives so many messages a day he/she just wants to get rid of you permanently. It’s an unfortunate result, but TMT can veer towards harassment, which is not a good thing to do to someone you want to re-impress. Though the effects of TMT can be reversed, it’s going to be hard and take a lot of self-control from you.


by Teecee Go